Welcome to the House 

They call the place the Statehouse, but consider it your house filled with 105 roommates, a lot of compromise and an endless parade of houseguests prone to disagreements.

Lawmakers and their trove of followers--lobbyists, media folk, kitchen staff and plenty of interns moved in last week and tackled the first of the chores. Among the duties: Balancing that always looming budget, deciding how to water the state and finding the answer to the sales tax question of should a penny stay or should a penny go? Boise representatives say they have their eyes set on keeping the urbanscape clean, some tax relief, public transportation innovations ... And they're pretty concerned about your health. Boise Reps. Nicole LeFavor and Margaret Henbest want you to see a doc when you're sick and be able to afford the visit.

The talk under the Rotunda centers around you, so we thought you might like to meet the roommates, learn how to get around that house of yours and what to do in case you get locked out.


Meet your Boiserepresentatives:

John Andreason, RepublicanDistrict 15, Senate, 5th term5120 N. Mountain View Dr., Boise, 83704Home: 322-8558infocntr@lso.state.id.usRetired directorLegislative Commerce and Human Resources Chair, Education

Steve Smylie, RepublicanDistrict 15, House Seat A4th term2220 N. Coolwater Ave., Boise, 83713Home 377-5281ssmylie@house.state.id.uswww.ssmylie.comTeacher, businessmanEnvironment, Energy and Technology, State Affairs

Max Black, RepublicanDistrict 15, House Seat B7th term3731 Buckingham Dr., Boise, 83704375-2635mblack@House.state.id.usRetired insuranceState Affairs

David Langhorst, DemocratDistrict 16, Senate1st term, one term in House6700 Hill Road, Boise, 83714Home 853-0303www.davidlanghorst.comManufacturer's representativeLocal Government and Taxation, Resources and Environment, Transportation

Margaret Henbest, DemocratDistrict 16, House Seat A5th termPO Box 934, Boise, 83701Home: 853-5423Mhenbest@house.state.id.usNurse practitionerHealth and Welfare, Business, Appropriations

Jana M. Kemp, Republican District 16, House Seat B 1st termPO Box 8045, Boise, 83707 Business 367-1701 Owner of Meeting & Management EssentialsEducation, Local Government

Elliot Werk, Democrat District 17, Senate 2nd term6810 Randolph Dr., Boise, 83709 Home 373-0993 Bus 658-0388 ewerk@senate.state.id.usSelf-employedCommerce and Human Resources, Finance, Health and Welfare

Kathie Garrett, Republican District 17, House Seat A 2nd term3227 Crescent Rim Dr., Boise, 83706 Home 344-5838 kgarrett@house.state.id.usCommerce and Human Resources, Health and Welfare

Janet J. Miller, Republican District 17, House Seat B 2nd term5707 W. Randolph Dr., Boise, 83705 Home 375-7627 jmiller@house.id.state.usProperty ManagementBusiness, State Affairs

Kate Kelly, Democrat District 18, Senate 1st termPO Box 654, Boise, 83701 Home (208) 850-7217 Attorney Agricultural Affairs, health and Welfare, Judiciary and Rules

Debbie S. Field, Republican District 18, House Seat A 6th term3236 Chickory Way, Boise, 83706 Home 336-8565 dfield@house.state.id.usJudiciary, Rules and Administration Chair, Revenue and Taxation

Julie Ellsworth, Republican District 18, House Seat B 5th termP.O. Box 668, Boise, 83701 Home 336-6747Jellswor@house.state.id.usJudiciary, Rules and Administration, State Affairs, Ways and Means

Mike Burkett, Democrat District 19, Senate 2nd term, two terms in Senate 1989-1992512 N. 13th St., Boise, 83702 Home 344-2424 Business 344-2424 mburkett@senate.state.id.usAttorney Education, Judiciary and Rules

Anne Pasley-Stuart, Democrat District 19, House Seat A 2301 Hillway Dr., Boise, 83702 Business 424-0440 aps@house.state.id.usPresident/CEO Pasley-Stuart Consulting Local Government, State Affairs

Nicole LeFavour, Democrat District 19, House Seat B 1210 N 11th, Boise, 83702 Home 724-0468 Teacher, Non-profit Organizer, Small Business OwnerEnvironment, Energy and Technology, Judiciary, Rules and Administration, Revenue and Taxation

All LawmakersIdaho State LegislatureState Capitol BuildingPO Box 83720, Boise83720-0038 (House)83720-0081 (Senate)Phone numbers: 332-1000; 800-626-0471; 334-5397 (fax); 800-626-0471(hearing impaired).

Get informed:Get the daily scoop, read bills word for word and track your favorite legislation at: http://www.legislature.idaho.gov/

Join the discussion:

House Committees:

Agricultural Affairs--Even days, p.m., Room 416Appropriations--Daily, a.m., Room 328 Business--Odd days, p.m., Room 406 Commerce and Human Resources--Odd days, p.m., Room 416 Education--Daily, a.m., Room 406 Environment, Energy And Technology--Even days, p.m., Room 406 Health and Welfare--Even days, p.m., Room 404Judiciary, Rules and Administration--Odd days, p.m., Room 404, Secretary: Betty Baker 332-1127Local Government--Even days, p.m., Room 408Resources and Conservation--Odd days, p.m., Room 412Revenue and Taxation--Daily, a.m., Room 404State Affairs-- Daily, a.m., Room 412Transportation and Defense--Even days, p.m., Room 412Ways and Means--On call, Room 311

Senate Committees:

Agricultural Affairs--T, Th, a.m., Room 437Commerce and Human Resources--T, Th, 1:30 p.m., Room 437Education--M, T, W, Th, 3:00 p.m., Room 433Finance--Daily, 8:00 a.m., Room 328Health and Welfare--M, T, W, Th, 3:00 p.m., Room 437 Judiciary and Rules--M, W, F, 1:30 p.m., Room 437 Local Government and Taxation--T, W, TH, 3:00 p.m., Room 426 Resources and Environment--, W, F, 1:30 p.m., Room 433 State Affairs--M, W, F, 8:00 a.m., Room 437 Transportation--T, Th, 1:30 p.m., Room 426

If you get locked out:

Sometimes lawmakers don't invite everyone to their little gatherings. If you get the door slammed in your face and folks start calling meetings closed, start knocking, clear your throat and calmly ask: "Under what provision of the Idaho Open Meeting Law do you intend to close this meeting? Has a two-thirds majority voted to close the meeting, and has that vote been recorded in the minutes?"

If you object to the closure, say:"I object to the closure of this meeting, and I further note for the record that any action taken in an illegally closed meeting is null and void. Furthermore, each member of the governing body who knowingly participates in an illegally closed meeting can face fines of up to $150 apiece.""I also remind the board that even in a valid executive session, no final action or decision can be made. The Idaho Open Meeting Law requires all decisions to be made in public."

"I ask that my objection be noted in the minutes."

Source: Idaho Press Club and Idaho Code

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