Winter Viewing 


When Boise's dreary inversion settles in for the winter and cold seeps through to your very core, watching the following pics will put things in perspective:


Consider this: precariously clinging to the vertical face of an icy mountain at 20,000 feet in sub-zero temperatures with howling winds and fierce, unpredictable storms, no fuel, no water and nearing hypothermia, all before your climbing partner shatters his leg. Such is the scenario in Touching the Void, the true tale of Joe Simpson and Simon Yates' 1985 adventure on Siula Grande Mountain in the Peruvian Andes.

The dramatized documentary, directed by Kevin McDonald and based on Simpson's book, chronicles the ordeal utilizing documentary-style, talking-heads format with Joe, Simon and actors reenacting crucial scenes.

Touching the Void is a compact tour de force that wrestles with issues of bravery, friendship, physical endurance, the code of the mountains, and the will to live.


Writer Jack Torrance gathers his family, his typewriter and his emotional baggage, intent on producing a manuscript while wintering in a giant hotel that is fully ensconced in winter's menacing embrace. Things don't go as planned to the tune of possession, haunting visions, murder and a demonic Jack Nicholson going completely, maniacally apeshit ("Wendy, I'm home!"). Reportedly, Stephen King hated this creepy, eerie, befoul-yourself-in-fear flick directed by Stanley Kubrick but it's a great movie manifesto of some serious cabin fever.

Trivia: The hotel's exterior shots are of Mt. Hood's Timberline Lodge and the hotel's interior is based on the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado.

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