<i>BW's</i> Treefort 2019 Playlist: Ava Luna

BW's Treefort 2019 Playlist: Ava Luna

Ava Luna, fronted by Becca Kauffman, lit up Boise's Linen Building on day four of Treefort Music Fest.

BW's Treefort 2019 Playlist: Author Tommy Orange Explains Why Native Americans Are 'Post-Apocalyptic'

On stage at The Egyptian Theatre, Orange said of Native Americans: "We've been through the end of our world."

BW's Treefort 2019 Playlist: A Mighty Band of Miracles Weirds Up Pengilly's

The local folk-punk group’s caterwauling vocals and unassumingly deft musicianship perfectly suited its goofy, mordantly funny songs.

BW's Treefort 2019 Playlist: Joshy Soul Carries the Night at the Main Stage

The Salt Lake City-based group ably filled in for an ailing Angelique Kidjo.

BW's Treefort 2019 Playlist: Gaelynn Lea Talks Disability and the Arts at Storyfort

"I have pride in having a disability because it gave me a perspective on the world that I wouldn't otherwise have."

BW's Treefort 2019 Playlist: Mountains Like Tidal Waves Shreds at The Shredder

Mountains Like Tidal Waves interweaves driving, melodic intensity, soaring, cinematic choruses and table-flipping heaviness into an evocative and engaging sonic experience.

BW's Treefort 2019 Playlist: WOH CLUB

WOH CLUB's mission: "To feed the most tasteful sounds of the underground into the ears of the overly saturated young adults of the dance music scene."

BW's Treefort 2019 Playlist: Ruby Kane and Caroline Rose

Ruby Kane elicits tears at The District and Caroline Rose covers Britney Spears' "Toxic."

BW's Treefort 2019 Playlist: The Seatopians

A bit of SoCal came to Boise's Funky Taco Saturday, thanks to The Seatopians.

BW's Treefort 2019 Playlist: Snoozy Moon and Panther Car

Music Street Journal described Snoozy Moon as "trippy, psychedelia at its best,” Panther Car comes in the shape of a traditional rock band yet sounds far from it.

BW's Treefort 2019 Playlist: Sector 17 Graffiti Artists

Sector 17 graffiti artists, inspired by an Oscar Wilde quote, bring eye-popping masterpieces to Grove Street.

BW's Treefort 2019 Playlist: Ava Luna

Ava Luna, fronted by Becca Kauffman, lit up Boise's Linen Building on day four of Treefort Music Fest.

BW's Treefort 2019 Playlist: Yogafort Brings Hundreds to JUMP

"If you can't smell your neighbor, you aren't close enough."

BW's 2019 Treefort Playlist: Alefort Goes Basque, Txotx and All

When the cider splashed down into the demonstrators' aluminum Alefort mugs, a cheer went up from the crowd.

BW's Treefort 2019 Playlist 2019: Gaelynn Lea

The singer-songwriter and violinist has graced the stage of renowned venues like Nashville’s Music City Roots, The Kennedy Center, House of Blues and even BBC World News.

BW's Treefort 2019 Playlist: Youth Variety Showcase

Calling all talented youth! Kidfort presented the Youth Variety Showcase on March 22.

BW's Treefort 2019 Playlist: The Modern Hotel's Parking Lot

Taking it to the street (or the parking lot): The Modern Hotel allowed its parking lot to become a showcase for a number of lives acts during day 3 of the Treefort Music Fest.

BW's Treefort 2019 Playlist: Esme Patterson

A delicate voice, wry humor, poignant storytelling, and impassioned delivery entwine with fuzzed-out guitars, deep-in-pocket percussion, hints of roots-y country, and a swirling psychedelic hum.

BW's Treefort 2019 Playlist: Farao Finds Home Thousands of Miles Away

“I’ve never been here before. It looks surprisingly like my hometown in Norway. … I’m not just saying that to make you like me.”

BW's Treefort 2019 Playlist: 'This is Wack' Explores the State of Idaho Hip-Hop

"We have to find a way to be exposed to the community, so that people can know we’re here.”

BW's Treefort 2019 Playlist: Sourcing Matters Tapes a Live Food Podcast at the Basque Center

The hour-long session covered everything from GMOs and food industry wages to sniffing out greenwashing on restaurant menus.

BW's Treefort 2019 Playlist: Drag Queens Read Children's Books at The Owyhee

"I don't think these are new concepts to kids their age. Reading stories about gender and drag] is something that normalizes it in a world that denormalizes it."

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