For the Love of Pod:<i> Wanna Know Idaho</i>

For the Love of Pod: Wanna Know Idaho

Listeners become reporters on this BSPR podcast
"I approached our General Manager and said, "I'd like to take Wanna Know Idaho and push it even further than we went last year.'"

Update: Did You See the Scooters? Bird and Lime Conduct Education Sessions Ahead of Boise Rollout

The e-scooters from Bird and Lime should hit Boise streets later in October.

October 15, 2018: What to Know

Trump sends the Secretary of State to investigate the disappearance of a Washington Post columnist, early voting begins in a number of Idaho communities, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting their first child, Lady Gaga makes a bit of history and police in Savannah, Georgia, are up in arms over some googly hijinks.

The Little-Known, Grim Inspiration for 'Food Truck Voting' in Ada County

"What would we have done? The number one thing we must never do is disenfranchise someone's right to vote. So we started planning."

UPDATE: Pre-Dawn Fire Damages BrickYard, Amsterdam in Downtown Boise

Investigators said the fire started in a plate warmer unit built into a wall between 601 and 609 Main. The warmer had been left on and wood plates within the warmer ignited and extended up the wall.

Why Am I Seeing This? Interesting Facebook Ads From Our Political Ad Collector

We’re highlighting examples from our Facebook political ad collection that are interesting because of how they’re targeted, what they say or how they can help explain how Facebook’s advertising system works — and how it can be gamed.

Esme Patterson Drops Tunes Off Her Unreleased Album at The Olympic

Esme Patterson performed at The Olympic on Oct. 11.

October 12: 2018: What to Know

The reimagined Idaho State Museum swings open its doors, the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots continue to climb, Kanye West leaves Trump speechless and take a first look at Disney's reboot of Aladdin.

'First Man': Getting it Right

"I think both Mom and Dad would have been pleased. Dad would have been focused on getting the history right. Mom would have been focused on getting the family right.”

October 11, 2018: What to Know

Hurricane Michael has the Carolinas in its crosshairs, fire breaks out in a Meridian strip mall, scandal rocks the Court of Master Sommeliers and The New York Times asks, "What does 18 look like?" in honor of the International Day of the Girl.

New Voter Registrations in Ada County: Women, Millenials, Republicans Top Demographics

Fifty-two percent of new registrants in Ada County are female. And 39 percent of all new Ada County voters have registered as Republicans. They're followed by Unaffiliated (33 percent), Democrats (26 percent) and Libertarians (2 percent).

The Record Exchange Adds 64,000 Vinyl Albums, 3,000 Cassettes to its Collection

When the Yesteryear Shoppe in Nampa closed its doors, The Record Exchanged scored big.

Matthew Desmond at The Morrison Center: Housing is a Right

"America's weird. We're the richest country with the worst poverty."

October 10, 2018: What to Know

Capital City Development Corporation gifts Grove Plaza to the City of Boise (on one condition), Hurricane Michael winds up to hit Florida, the Red Sox beat the Yankees and a meteorologist makes the news in more ways than one by taking her son to work.

For the Love of Pod: Wanna Know Idaho

Listeners become reporters on this BSPR podcast

For the Love of Pod: You Know the Place

Wayne and Lacey offered Boise Weekly a sneak peek at some soon-to-be-featured locales—including a crematorium, a nude resort and the "stink room" inside Rocky Mountain Fireworks and Fur Co.

Amelia Rose Earhart

"I stopped chasing Amelia's path. I felt like saying, 'Come on Amelia. We're taking you back home. Let's finish the flight you started.'"

Hendrik Schuwer

The Dutch Ambassador on Idaho, Anne Frank and four decades in the foreign service

Keira Knightley Dazzles as Colette, In All Her Provocative Posh

“I felt that I, as a woman, could tap into Colette’s story. It has the ring of truth.”

Worlds of Sound: Bells Atlas Explores New Musical Frontiers

Bells Atlas will play Neurolux in Boise on Tuesday, Oct. 16.

Idaho Horror Film Festival: Spud and Guts

"The festival is really, really welcoming. I don't know what I'd do in October without it."

Off Center Dance: Side Effects

Visual Arts Collective, Friday and Saturday, Oct. 12 and 13

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