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BW to blame for roadway failure?

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Capitol Confidential blogger and Times-News Reporter Jared Hopkins recounted our recent exchange with Rep. Scott Bedke, who is apparently still  miffed about a recent Unda' the Rotunda in which we spit roasted his economic theories. (Why hasn't anyone added that article yet as a source on Wikipedia?)

Bedke, responding to our perfectly reasonable question, laid blame for potential future road and bridge failures squarely at the feet of Boise Weekly. But Bedke has no idea how much effort we put into the viability of the sidewalks outside our office, the time spent shoveling, beautifying and sweeping our little corner of downtown Boise. And driving our big truck, pictured above, very gently on the road surface. writer Jill Kuraitis, who once penned her fair share of Unda' the Rotundas, suggests that "Boise Weekly" may be a House Republican Caucus code word for "this meeting is over."
"Was the mere mention of the Boise Weekly…alarming? A sign of the apocalypse? A prearranged signal to disperse?"
For our part, we think Bedke is right. If society, including those of us who work at Boise Weekly, are not asked to pony up for our roads, than we all share some of the blame when the break-up hits. Asphalt break up, that is.

The same day of the Bedke-Moyle-Denney-Roberts press conference, we ran into Darrell Manning, chairman of the Idaho Transportation Board, on his way into the First Lady's Office.

"You've never seen a breakup," the retired adjutant general who grew up in Preston told citydesk.

We didn't even know what he meant, but Manning said that when the highways used to fail and turn to rubble, the state would put up signs reading "Highway Breakup, 35."

"If you went 35, you might lose your oil pan," Manning said.

By the way, Rep. Bedke, citydesk is looking for a horse.


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