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Capitol Bike Rack Not Even Brass

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$120 million. That's how much it took to renovate the Idaho State Capitol, to bring it up to date, and to modernize the ancient, beautiful structure.

After all the careful planning, maintaining original architect John Tourtellot's vision, and years of construction work by a host of teams during rough financial times at least one amenity was grossly overlooked.

Statehouse excuse for a bike rack.
  • Andrew Crisp
  • Statehouse excuse for a bike rack.

Ouch. As a rubberband-wristed bike commuter in Boise, and as a reporter at the capitol building, this six-slot aluminum excuse for a bike rack is woefully unable to accommodate those growing masses who go car-less.

Alas, while the renovation may only have considered the bike rack as an afterthought, one bike-conscious state senator, Elliot Werk, a Boise Democrat, plans to formally request more rackage for the building. At citydesk, we have it on good authority that the bike rack was an afterthought. It is not even connected to anything solid and it does not match the bronzish-brass of other metallic fittings around the Capitol Mall.

And it's already been full up a few times this session. So we might be locking up to the solid fencing and gratework that borders the Statehouse for a more secure and convenient parking place. Hey, we bikers are saving the state money, saving greenhouse gasses and saving our own fat asses. Could we at least get a rack on the west side, not to mention a little respect.

Here's how to find that single bike rack, if your thinking of riding over:

See it yet?
  • See it yet?

How about now?
  • How about now?

Ah, there you are little bike rack.
  • Ah, there you are little bike rack.

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