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Boise Tea Bagger Cameo in Captain America Comic

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The March 2010 issue of Captain America, called "Two Americas," starts out with a police raid on a Boise Foothills home, where an impostor Captain America is gathering up an underground army of Tea Party-like anti-government forces.

Marvel Comics 602: A house in the Boise Foothills
  • Captain America 602: A house in the Boise Foothills

William Burnside, who in the 1950s became obsessed with the New Deal American Hero, to the point of impersonating him, returns to find his childhood home in Boise replaced by a vacant strip mall.

"And now he was finally home ... but not to a hero's welcome," the strip reads. "No, this country had turned its back on him long ago."

Burnside, posing as the Captain, gathers groups of angry white truckers and returned soldiers in his compound. "Honest, hard-working Americans ... ready and able to rise up and fight back," as the strip describes. They march on downtown Boise (depicted below) and throw an African American secret agent posing as the Tax Man out of a bar, calling him Obama (with some degree of agent provocateur meddling from an undercover REAL Captain America).

Marvel Comics 602
  • March on Boise: Look familiar?

Find the best sign (hint Medicare is government health care)
  • Find the best sign (hint Medicare is government health care)

They even have the real undercover Captain posing as a Tea bagger refuse free beer (no handouts, no charity, man) after throwing the faux tax collector out of the bar:

I dont want your free beer. What?
  • I don't want your free beer ... What?

The strip acknowledges that Idaho ain't DC, but implies that the hinterlands are fraught with anti-government forces bent on insurrection. The cliffhanger ending leaves open the possibility that the real American patriot, Captain America himself, may swoop in and hand these impostor patriots a large can of whoop ass.

It's enough to make a guy want to read the comics again.

You can get the book at:

Captain Comics
710 S Vista Ave

Paper Back Place
7011 W Fairview Ave

Outpost 12
3890 W. State

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