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America: Land of Religious Intolerance

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Every week, the Boise's mayor's office sends the media a transcription of all the calls the Mayor's Hotline has received. People complain about everything from the F35 to their trash service to "the trolley" to their neighbors' yards.

Citydesk spotted a few calls in the latest log from some very un-Christian Christian types. Looks like these callers missed out on a few civics lessons in high school. Especially the part about the U.S. being founded as a place to freely practice any religion. (Then again, there is that whole separation of church and state part, which begs the question: Why are we still praying prior to government meetings?)

Here's what a few locals had to say to Mayor Dave Bieter about Rajan Zed opening a Boise City Council meeting June 8 with a Hindu prayer.

Beth Fain
Invocation: I found out that you plan to have a Hindu pray for the City Council and it’s very
offensive to me. It’s also offensive that you and the City Council had the Ten Commandments
taken out of the park and yet you let this Hindu come in and recruit or whatever it is. It makes
me very angry and upset, and offended. Have a nice day.

Invocation: Having the Zen priest come here to open the council meetings with his prayer is a
perfect reason to vote Mayor Bieter out of office.

Kathleen Osman
Invocation: I don’t agree with that Hindu prayer cause we were founded on Judeo Christian
and they’re not even giving Christians equal time. You know, these days we’re getting
persecuted and it just doesn’t seem to be right. I guess it would be o.k. if we were getting equal
time and if these people were paying taxes and are citizens I understand that part, if they are
part of the local government but are you going to open with Christian prayer as well? Where do
we draw the line? What if Satanists then want to start opening up a prayer. Where do we draw
the line? Muslims don’t have tolerance like that. We tolerate to a certain degree but now the
other religions don’t tolerate this country that was founded on Judeo Christian values.

"Recruit." Really? And here's a bit of useful knowledge, Anon: "Zen" refers to Buddhism, not Hinduism. And, finally, regarding equal time for Christians, this is the first Hindu invocation opening a Boise City Council meeting. Although the city doesn't keep an ongoing tally of the denominations to which those offering the invocation belong, city officials say the "vast majority—if not all—are performed by Christians."


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