Friday, May 28, 2010

Candidate Concession, Rant, Thank You

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Sincerely and temporarily, finally
  • Sincerely and temporarily, finally
GOP Lieutenant Governor candidate Joshua Blessinger sent the self-described "rant" below in the wake of his unsuccessful primary challenge to Lt. Gov. Brad Little:

Dear Idaho,

It has been a good run. I had a lot of fun trying to do the most I could with the little I had available, I succeeded. I got 26,622 votes from my supporters, compare that to the $508.53 I spent on this campaign, that comes out to about 1.9¢ per vote cast for me, Brad Little spent around 55¢ per vote.

I have proven that it takes relatively little money to run a campaign and make a difference. I have disproved the excuse that you need money to run for office. If you are dissatisfied with your elected officials it is your duty as an American to challenge them, make them realize that they are vulnerable. You may not win but they will listen.

That said, I wish to say something that will fall on deaf ears. The people that are reading this are more than likely not the subject of this comment. But, shame on the majority of Idahoans.

There is no excuse for such a low turnout, even in the primary. For those of you who came out and voted, thank you. For those of you who did not, I wish I could say what I want to say to you without being offensive to everyone. You have given a big middle finger to all those who have sacrificed and fought to guarantee you the right to vote. How dare you take something so precious, something that Americans have always been proud of, and treat it as though it doesn't matter.

You can complain that you don't have a voice, that your vote doesn't matter, but unless you try to use your voice you can't complain that it is not heard. Voting is a way to let your voice be heard. If you don't
speak no one will hear. If you don't vote you can't speak. I am so disappointed in my state right now, for the first time I am ashamed of Idaho.

I do realize that if everyone would have voted, I probably would have still lost.

Already today I have heard many people complaining about the results, I asked them if they voted, they said "No". In all reality they did vote, by not voting they did not move against the person they did not want in
office, one less vote against them. If you did not vote don't complain, you caused it. Bad leaders are elected by good citizens who choose to remain silent.

Fortunately The winner in this race is not a bad guy, but I have my own selfish reasons to think he is not the best guy.

To Brad Little, congratulations, sir. It was a fun race, even losing was fun. My only regret is that more people did not get out to vote. You can expect to hear from me again, I will be in touch. From this point on
though, it will be to share my ideas with you, maybe then we can both help to make Idaho a better place to live.

Thank you so very much to everyone who came out to vote, no matter who your vote went to. Thank you even more to those who voted for me.

Sincerely and temporarily finally,

Joshua Blessinger

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