Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rex Rammell vs. the Elk vs. the Law

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Perennial candidate for governor Rex Rammell has once again gone afoul of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. Rammell is under investigation for allegedly killing an elk with an expired tag in the wrong hunting zone, then threatening an IDFG officer and refusing to accept a citation.

Here's how it went down earlier today, according to an IDFG: Rammell was stopped after a Fish and Game conservation officer saw him dragging a dead elk with a snowmobile during a late season cow elk hunt in the Tex Creek Wildlife Management Area located east of Idaho Falls. When the officer checked Rammell's tag, he found it was issued for a hunt in the Middle Fork hunting zone that closed in October.

According to IDFG, Rammell then "interfered with the officer's attempt to seize the elk" before threatening the officer, physically dragging the elk back to his snowmobile and taking off. He is accused of refusing to stop until he reached his home, where he then proceeded to refuse to accept a citation written by the officer. Fish and Game did confiscate the elk at that time, and the department states it will seek formal charges against Rammell.

This is far from Rammell's first run in with the wildlife law. Back in 2006, more than 150 elk broke out of Rammell's private elk ranch. Then-Gov. Jim Risch ordered that they be shot on site because of the risk of the elk interbreeding with native elk in the area—which includes Yellowstone National Park. Tests to determine if the elk were genetically modified later came back positive.

Rammall also made national news when, during his last campaign, he joked about issuing "Obama tags." He later attempted to clarify his remark but didn't save much face in doing so.

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