Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nearly Naked PETA Protestors Brave Boise's Cold

Posted By on Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 5:47 PM

Risking embarrassment, near freezing temperatures and possibly even arrest, two women bared their bodies Wednesday afternoon on the corner of Eighth and Idaho streets.


Boise shopkeeper, Lil Kurek, told Citydesk she was moments away from calling the police.

“They do this every year,” said Kurek, who owns American Clothing Gallery across the street from today's protest site. But, said Kurek, this is America. “And they can protest all they want as long as they’re not blocking the entrance to my store.”

In previous years, demonstrations have included naked women wrapped in plastic and tagged like a grocery store steak (2009) and women—again naked—in open face coffins (2007).

This year's protest began at noon, when the women, one a paid PETA campaigner and the other a volunteer, dropped their jackets and huddled topless behind a banner reading, “Bare skin, don’t wear skin.”

“We want to encourage the people of Boise to make compassion their fashion,” said PETA volunteer, Nicole Matthews, through chattering teeth.

In July last year—long before this teeth-chattering cold weather—PETA named Boise one of North America's top 10 vegetarian- and vegan-friendly small cities.

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