Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Anti-Nuclear Activists March to Downtown

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Today marked the 25th anniversary of the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl. To commemorate it, approximately 50 people gathered in Julia Davis Park to show their opposition to nuclear power in Idaho and around the world.

"The problem is we're arrogant," event organizer Eric Schuler told the crowd through a bullhorn. "We continue to believe that we can build a reactor immune to human behavior and natural disasters. All for a resource we don't need."

Schuler then criticized the belief that there was no way to foresee the recent disaster at the Fukushima plant in Japan by pointing out that it was an outdated plant built on the coast of a region prone to earthquakes and tsunamis and maintained by a company whose safety record was less than exemplary.

"Though we couldn't put a date on it," Schuler said. "The disaster at Fukushima was more than just foreseeable; it was inevitable."

Schuler said that while having only three major accidents in 50 years would be a good safety record for most industries, the scope of each disaster was so large that it made the stakes too high for anything less than a perfect safety record, something nuclear could never achieve. That, he said, was the reason it was wrong for Idaho.

Behind him, several disc golfers played through on the course.

The crowd then marched down Myrtle and up Eighth Street, holding signs, wearing masks and chanting: "Cooling tower to renewable power!"

Several drivers honked in approval. One slowed down to yell slurs.

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