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Occupy Boise Digs In for Long-term Occupation

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Members of Occupy Boise have set up about 30 tents on the lawn of the old Ada County Courthouse. On Saturday afternoon, the occupiers were serving and eating food, setting up camp, going over camp plans, and conducting educational workshops.

"I think it's looking really good," said Kelly Schutt, one of the group's Web designers. "The turnout is better than I thought it would be, and we've got a library with some excellent reads, and workshops all day, so it's going well.

At one point in the afternoon, a couple of State Police officers rolled up on the encampment to greet the campers and get some information. They were immediately directed to Occupy Boise's legal council, who shared contact information and operational plans with the officers.

"Things are going very well with the police, as far as I can tell," said Ritchie Eppink, a legal adviser with the encampment. "There's a high value placed all around on everybody's health and safety. We've asked if there are any concerns, that the police bring them up with us so that we can address them instead of bringing people in in handcuffs."

The encampment is set up with a number of amenities, including a full kitchen with running water, a free store, a comfort tent for morale purposes, a child care tent, and a potty tent.

Food Not Bombs, a local organization that provides food for those in need, was busy feeding people meals that included lentil veggie soup, applesauce, potato pepper stir fry, sweet potato fries and apple cobbler. Protesters seemed cheerful and determined to get their points across.

"I'm hoping this lasts through the winter and beyond," said Schutt. "I don't think the goal of this movement is to achieve one specific reform and then stop. I think there's a realization that there are issues that have been affecting the broadest swaths of society for a long time and the changes we're seeking aren't going to come overnight or even in a few months."

Occupy Boise Encampment

An Educational Workshop on Facilitation
  • Stephen Foster
  • Members of Occupy Boise hold an educational workshop on facilitation Saturday afternoon.

Food Not Bombs Serves Food for the Protesters
  • Stephen Foster
  • Food Not Bombs serves food for protesters Thursday afternoon at the Occupy Boise encampment.

Public Education Tent

Library and Childcare Tent

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