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Occupy Boise Plans Logistics for Permanent Encampment

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Members of Occupy Boise Meet in the State Capital Building
  • Stephen Foster
  • Members of Occupy Boise hold a planning meeting Friday in the State Capitol.

Members of the Occupy Boise movement gathered inside the State Capitol Friday evening for a general assembly planning meeting.

The meeting focused on preparation for today's encampment to take place in front of the old Ada County Courthouse.

"The encampment is an indefinite vigil to show our movement's goals 24/7," said Jeana Harris, a member of Occupy Boise. "So instead of having a march once a week, we're basically having a march all of the time. It's to get people looking at us and listening, and it's also to create a sense of community."

Shavone Hasse, another member of the group, said, "It's a vigil of indefinite length in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and the other occupy movements across the country and across the globe."

The general assemblies operate on a consensus-based form of deliberation. Ideas are often generated in subgroups, such as public direct action, legal, media, and web task force. These ideas are then presented to the assembly for vote.

Last night's assembly dealt with roles and supplies needed for the encampment. Issues such as medical supplies, food preparation, sanitation, a public library, and other logistics were brought before the assembly.

"Right now, we're prepared," said Harris. "We have taken workshops on cold-weather camping, so we know the logistics of camping in snow and other conditions. We've strategically planned our camp in order to minimize wind coming through. So we've definitely thought this through and we're pretty well prepared."

"I think we're learning as we go, and things that are not priorities and that we're not able to accomplish at the moment will get put aside until we're able to accomplish them," said Hasse.

Even with the onset of winter, the occupiers plan to hold their ground until their message reaches the halls of government.

"I plan on staying indefinitely until our demands are met," said Harris. "We definitely have a few really solid supporters that are going to stay indefinitely; we also have a few people who are going to be camping part time.

"We may lose some people," she said, "but I think others will join us and we'll gain more people than we lose as the movement gains momentum."

"It will be indefinite, said Hasse. "We have enough people that are fully committed to this cause and dedicated to it that it will last as long as it needs to last."

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