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The Idaho Caucuses - Gem State Transplants

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Bill Wade supports Mitt Romney.

Originally from Texas, Bill Wade moved to Idaho from Southern California three years ago. After getting laid off from his job as an internal auditor with Citigroup in 2008, Wade and his family moved to Boise, where his in-laws had relocated. He found a job after 10 months but was paid far less, working in a different industry.

The economic health of the country was one of the major reasons why Wade decided to support Mitt Romney. He was one the Romney's many Idaho supporters at Boise State's Taco Bell Arena who handed the former Massachusetts Governor a convincing Idaho win on Super Tuesday

"So what really brings me down today is that I think it's important we get out and vote and let our opinions be heard. But the biggest thing is the economy," said Wade. "I have a 7-year-old daughter and [I worry] about how the [state] of the economy will reflect for her in the future. That's why we're here today."

Moreover, Wade expressed concern about the existing level of government control on business.

"I think a lot of people look at Romney's business success and actually hold it against him," said Wade. "But in reality, I never want to be constrained by someone who is telling me what I can or cannot do. And that's the way I see our current government going—a lot of control from the top and 'we want to keep everyone in their place.'"

Sharon and Scott Dowdle support Mitt Romney.

The shape of the economy also inspired retired children's librarian, Sharon Dowdle, to lend her support to Romney at Tuesday's caucuses.

Dowdle came to Idaho from Alaska 10 years ago to be with her daughter, who was attending the University of Idaho. Five years after coming to the state she met and married her husband Scott.

Dowdle actively participated in politics in her home state of Alaska, actively engaged in four different campaigns.

"I was very involved in working to have particular legislators and even the governor of Alaska elected," said Dowdle.

In all those years, however, Dowdle was always registered Independent and didn't always vote for Republicans. She only recently changed her affiliation to Republication so that she could vote for Mitt Romney.

"I really, sincerely believe that he's the best candidate on many fronts. Not only because of his long, long record of achieving great financial success for companies, for the Olympics, in his personal business," said Dowdle. "His whole career that's what he does, is he helps bring people out of the depths of financial ruin and make them successful. I really believe that our country financially is in such a terrible shape that it is going to take someone that really has the experience."

Rick Donovan supports Ron Paul.

Rick Donovan, who is originally from Massachusetts, came to Boise to work as an engineer for Micron 20 years ago.

Donovan is a member of Oath Keepers, a nonpartisan group formed in 2009 in response to the events following Hurricane Katrina. Donovan said that citizens' civil liberties were stripped in the aftermath of the hurricane's recovery efforts.

"People were hoarded into venues like this and weren't allowed to leave," he said.

But he didn't come to the Idaho Republican caucus to talk about Oath Keepers. He came to support Ron Paul. Whether primary or caucus, Donovan knew he would be participating the moment the voting format was determined.

Donovan doesn't consider himself a "staunch Republican." He said he came to the party to support Paul.

"I've been an Independent throughout most of my life," said Donovan."I was born and raised in a Democratic family and so it was study that made me come to my conversion to the Republican Party."

"I'm here to support Ron Paul because it's obvious he feels the same way I do about our constitution, and I don't recognize that in other candidates. I see other candidates that through the debates have expressed their agreement with some of the policies of the current administration. So to me Ron Paul is going to attempt to bring us back to constitutionality in this country."

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