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Curbside Return Dropoff Offers Service With Smile, Dog Treats

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Division Administrator for Revenue Operations at the Idaho State Tax Commission Doreen Warren accepts a last-minute tax return.
  • Doreen Warren, division administrator for revenue operations at the Idaho State Tax Commission, accepts a last-minute tax return today.

In the Tax Day sunshine, Dave Vitluski, Doreen Warren and Liz Rodosovich collected the last-minute tax returns of Idahoans, standing beneath a decorated awning in the Tax Commission's parking lot.

"April weather can be tricky," said Vitluski, an administrative clerk for the Internal Revenue Service, his eyes shielded by sunglasses. "I've been doing this for four years. This is the first nice day it's been in a while."

Vitluski teamed up with his State Tax Commission peers Warren and Rodosovich to collect envelopes from taxpayers. Over the course of the lunch hour, more than a dozen pulled into the commission's parking lot at 800 Park Blvd., Plaza IV of the Washington Group Plaza.

"We have dog treats, too, in case people bring their pets," said Rodosovich, a public information officer for the commission. She stressed that the dog treats and a basket of candy were paid for by the employees themselves.

Tax Commission and IRS staff kept info and treats on hand.
  • Tax Commission and IRS staff keep info and treats on hand.

While the majority of curbside filers pulled up in vehicles, a few cyclists dropped off their returns. A handful were walk-ups. One woman removed her headphones as she jogged up, envelope in hand.

Alex Larson, a young man in his 20s, walked up from his parking spot at the other side of the lot.

"Do I need a stamp?" he asked. "I'm filing this return for my grandmother."

IRS employee Dave Vitluski and Tax Commission worker Doreen Warren manned Idahos curbside tax return dropoff service.
  • IRS employee Dave Vitluski and Tax Commission worker Doreen Warren operate Boise's curbside tax return dropoff service.

He was informed he did not. Before he left, he grabbed a tootsie roll for the road. Just before noon, a retired tax commission employee showed up with cookies for the state employees. The drive-thru dropoff service is available until 4:30 p.m. today.

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