Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Report: Idaho One of the Top States for People 'Paying No Income Tax'

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Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has come under fire in the last several days for a leaked video of him speaking at a private fundraiser, in which he said that 47 percent of Americans saw themselves as entitled victims, despite paying no taxes and being entirely dependent on government.

Though he didn't parse it out for clarity, Romney was referring to Americans whose refunds and deductions result in not having to cut another check to Uncle Sam. Though those taxpayers would dispute being called "non-taxpayers," Romney's reference caused a minor political firestorm.

Data from the Tax Foundation includes a chart that shows the percentage of people that don't pay income tax state by state. With a reported 39 percent, Idaho ranked in the Top 10.

The other states that ranked in the Top 10 are all in the South, everything from New Mexico over to Florida. And while Romney's assertion was that the Democratic platform is one of entitlement and welfare, all of the states in the Top 10 of the ranking are primarily "red states."

Top honors went to Missisippi.

More info from the Tax Foundation on the subject can be seen here.

Chart ranking states by number of people that pay no income tax.
  • Chart ranking states by number of people that pay no income tax.

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