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Election 2012: Idaho GOP Keeps Tight Grip on House, Senate

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Idaho Republicans were very successful—again—in races throughout the Gem State as voters went to the polls to decide who should make up the 2013 Idaho Legislature.

Here are the projected winners in Idaho House races. You can scroll down to see the State Senate winners:
Please note that in some districts, there were no contested races.

District 1 A Republican Eric Anderson

District 2 A Republican Vito Barbieri
District 2 B Republican Ed Morse

District 3 A Republican Ron Mendive
District 3 B Republican Frank Henderson

District 4 A Republican Luke Malek
District 4 B Republican Kathleen Sims

District 5 A Republican Cindy Agidius
District 5 B Democrat Shirley Ringo

District 6 A Republican Thyra Stevenson
District 6 B Democrat John Rusche

District 7 A Republican Shannon McMillan
District 7 B Republican Paul Shepherd

District 8 A Republican Terry Gestrin
District 8 B Republican Lenore Barrett

District 9 A Republican Lawerence Denney
District 9 B Republican Judy Boyle

District 10 A Republican Brandon Hixon
District 10 B Republican Darrell Bolz

District 12 A Republican Robert Andeerst
District 12 B Republican Rick Youngblood

District 13 A Republican Brent Crane

District 14 B Republican Reed DeMourdaunt

District 15 A Republican Lynn Luker
District 15 B Republican Mark Patterson

District 16 A Democrat Grant Burgoyne
District 16 B Democrat Hy Kloc

District 17 A Democrat John Gannon
District 17 B Democrat Sue Chew

District 18 A Democrat Janie Ward-Engelking
District 18 B Democrat Phylis King

District 19 A Democrat Mat Erpelding
District 19 B Democrat Holi High Woodings

District 20 A Republican Joe Palmer

District 21 A Republican Steven Harris
District 21 B Republican Tom Dayley

District 22 B Republican Jason Monks

District 23 A Republican Rich Wills
District 23 B Republican Pete Nielsen

District 24 B Republican Stephen Hartgen

District 25 B Republican Clark Kauffman

District 26 A Republican Steve Miller
District 26 B Democrat Dona Pence

District 28 A Republican Ken Adrus
District 28 B Republican Kelley Packer

District 29 A Democrat Carolyn Meline
District 29 B Democrat Elaine Smith

District 30 A Republican Jeff Thompson
District 30 B Republican Wendy Horman

District 31 A Republican Neil Anderson
District 31 B Republican Julie Van Orden

District 32 A Republican Marc Gibbs
District 32 B Republican Tom Loertscher

District 33 A Republican Janet Trujillo
District 33 B Republican Linden Bateman

District 34 A Republican Douglas Hancey

District 35 A Republican Jo An Wood
District 35 B Republican Paul Romrell

Here are the projected winners for the Idaho Senate:
Please note that in some districts, there were no contested races.

District 2 Republican Steve Vick

District 3 Republican Bob Nonini

District 4 Republican John Goedde

District 5 Democrat Dan Schmidt

District 6 Republican Dan Johnson

District 7 Republican Sheryl Nuxoll

District 8 Republican Steven Thayn

District 9 Republican Monty Pearce

District 10 Republican Jim Rice

District 11 Republican Patti Anne Lodge

District 12 Republican Todd Lakey

District 13 Republican Curt McKenzie

District 14 Republican Marv Hagedorn

District 15 Republican Fred Martin

District 16 Democrat Les Bock

District 17 Democrat Elliot Werk

District 18 Democrat Branden Durst

District 19 Democrat Cherie Buckner-Webb

District 20 Republican Chuck Winder

District 21 Republican Cliff Bayer

District 23 Republican Bert Brackett

District 24 Republican Lee Heider

District 25 Republican Jim Patrick

District 28 Republican Jim Guthrie

District 29 Democrat Roy Lacey

District 31 Republican Steven Bair

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