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Labrador Makes Eighth Appearance on Meet the Press

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Raul Labrador appeared on the Sept. 29 edition of NBC's Meet the Press; and if you're keeping count, yes, that's eight appearances since first coming to the U.S. House in 2011.

As expected, Labrador was touted as a Tea Party favorite and became the GOP voice in a roundtable debate swirling around House Republican's efforts to hold up a federal budget by attempting to strip any funding away from the Affordable Care Act.

"The question is: Is the law ready at this time? It's not ready for prime time at this moment," said Labrador. I would completely get rid of the law, but all we're asking in the House is a one-year delay. I don't think that's unreasonable."

But when Meet the Press moderator David Gregory challenged Labrador, saying "[House Speaker] John Boehner doesn't agree with you. He doesn't want to shut down," Labrador pushed back.

"You're saying I want to shut down the government. I don't want to shut it down," said Labrador.

Pressing on, Gregory asked the Idaho Congressman, "When is a law legitimate? Would it be appropriate for the President of the [democratically controlled] Senate to say, 'Let's go back and overturn a Regan-era law?"

"Democrats spent the entire Bush administration trying to repeal the Bush tax cuts," responded Labrador. "It's not as if Republicans and Democrats don't fight about their policies. That's what politics is all about."

But MSNBC's Chris Matthews, another Meet the Press panelist, also challenged Labrador.

"Yes, what you do in politics is fight, but the question is: Do you play by the rules and eventually move forward? Or do you keep going over the old terrain, making non-negotiable demands?"

"If you look at last night's Twitter, there wasn't a single Republican on twitter saying, 'Let's shut down the government,' but every single Democrat was saying, 'The Republicans want to shut down the government,'" said Labrador. "Let's be really honest about this. The other side would like to see Republicans in trouble in 2014. They won't even meet us half way.

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