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IDFG Suspends Hunt for Mountain Lion that Attacked Boise Dogs

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The search for a mountain lion responsible for attacks on dogs in the Boise Foothills will not continue unless the animal is spotted again.

“Having lost the scent Monday evening, any new search would be starting from scratch, with minimal chance of striking the cat’s trail again,” said Idaho Fish and Game officer Bill London.

IDFG reports that the attack occurred at 2 p.m. Jan. 27 off of Bogus Basin Road, along the Corrals Trail, just west of the Corrals-Hard Guy Trail junction. That's where a Boise man said he was riding his mountain bike alongside his two dogs—a husky and a bull terrier mix—when a mountain lion attacked one of the dogs. The man pelted the mountain lion with rocks and yelled but the cat attacked the second dog. The man said he threw a larger rock, striking the mountain lion in the head. That gave the man and dogs the opportunity to get away.

“In years past, we’ve had lion attacks on domestic pets in the Foothills and taken no action against the offending cat,” said Evin Oneale, Fish and Game conservation educator. “But this situation is different. When the man approached the cat, it did not react normally; it stood its ground and did not run off as we would expect.”

The mountain lion was described by the dog owner as “emaciated,” which would suggest the cat may be having trouble hunting effectively. “Based on those issues, Fish and Game officers made the decision to remove the animal when it was located,” said Oneale.

Meanwhile, warning signs have been posted at the Corrals and Miller Gulch trailheads, alerting people to the mountain lion sighting.

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