Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Chipotle: Please Leave the Guns at Home

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Chipotle, which recently swung the doors open to its newest location in Boise's downtown core, is asking that its customers please leave their firearms at home ... or at least in the car.

Officials with the Denver-based chain said Monday evening that they have abided by local and state laws regarding firearms, but things got a bit out of hand this past weekend when members of Open Carry Texas made a point of hauling their guns into several Chipotle restaurants in the Lone Star State.

"We had all different types of long-guns, some people had shot guns," Alex Clark of Open Carry Texas told KRLD-TV. "I personally carry an AK-47. There were a few AR-15's there. The rifles were loaded. There's no reason to carry an unloaded weapon—it wouldn't do any good."

A social media campaign, launched by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, praised Chipotle Monday night, tweeting out a photograph of a child holding a bag full of Chipotle goodies and a button reading "Moms Demand Action." The Chipotle bag also includes one of the company's brands: "Never Underestimate the Power of the Burrito."

"Because the display of firearms in our restaurants has now created an environment that is potentially intimidating or uncomfortable for many of our customers, we think it is time to make this request," wrote Chipotle communications director Chris Arnold. "We are respectfully asking that customers not bring guns into our restaurants, unless they are authorized law enforcement personnel."

Here's more of the company's statement:

"We acknowledge that there are strong arguments on both sides of this issue. We have seen those differing positions expressed in the wake of this event in Texas, where pro-gun customers have contacted us to applaud our support of the Second Amendment, and anti-gun customers have expressed concern over the visible display of military-style assault rifles in restaurants where families are eating. The vast majority of gun owners are responsible citizens and we appreciate them honoring this request. And we hope that our customers who oppose the carrying of guns in public agree with us that it is the role of elected officials and the legislative process to set policy in this area, not the role of businesses like Chipotle."

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