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City of Boise Wants to Defer $500,000+ in Fees for Gardner's Grove Project

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The Gardner Company is eyeing Tuesday, July 1, for the launch of a huge downtown Boise construction project, including  a subterranean transit center, a new convention facility to help supplement the Boise Centre, a new headquarters for Clearwater Analytics, and new retail space for the U.S. Bank Building (which Gardner already owns).

But the paper chase leading up to the groundbreaking continues to swirl.

On Monday, June 9, the Greater Boise Auditorium District, which will own the Centre Building, is to take up something called “a judicial confirmation,” which, contrary to its name, has nothing to do with confirming judges. Instead, it’s an elaborate plan where the auditorium district will use CCDC’s authority to incur debt by selling tens of millions of dollars worth of 24-year bonds. CCDC likes to call the arrangement a “pass through,” but nothing is passing through without a 25-page lease agreement, including a dozen articles (sections) and 66 subsections (BW, News, “The Centre Piece,” May 7, 2014).

The following day, the Boise City Council will consider a series of agreements with Gardner that would see more than $500,000 in city fees deferred until an occupancy permit is granted for the buildings—in other words, at the end of construction.

“Now, therefore the City and the applicant (Gardner) agree all building and development impact fees the City is authorized to charge and collect from the applicant in connection with the applicant’s request for building permits for the property shall be deferred,” reads the contract.

How much are we talking about?
-Building permit fees: $239,481
-Building application fees: $155,663
-Fire plan review fees: $38,317
-Development impact fees (police and fire): $99,846
-Erosion and sediment control permit fees: $315

Gardner and the city of Boise agree that the sum of $533,622 is an estimate of “all charges due” and the amount will be adjusted “based upon certificates of value and plans submitted with building permit applications.”

Meanwhile, city officials have agreed to issue building permits for Gardner. And if, by some chance, the building permit were to expire prior to the fees being paid, the building fees (but not the other fees) would be immediately due.

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