Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fast Food Workers Planning Civil Disobedience Thursday

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Though no plans have yet been announced for Idaho, thousands of fast food workers across the nation are planning a protest this Thursday in their effort to push for a higher hourly wage.

Workers at McDonald's, Wendy's and other fast food restaurants in cities across the country say they're prepared to engage in acts of civil disobedience. The Associated Press is reporting that an organization called Fast Food Forward has the backing of the Service Employees International Union, and plans for the protest surfaced during some Labor Day rallies across the country on Monday.

In December 2013, protesters picketed outside of a Boise McDonald's pushing for Idaho to raise its minimum wage above $7.25 per hour. Idaho activists have been trying to edge up the Gem State's minimum wage, but haven't gone as far as other efforts across the country to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Officials in the restaurant industry have balked at the $15 threshold, saying doing so would raise prices, reduce employment and increase the rate of industry automation. But union members and advocates insist that higher wages would result in greater workplace productivity and reduce job turnover.

"Economically, it's great for big business," said Adriene Evans, executive director of United Vision for Idaho. "It's also incredibly good for smaller businesses."

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