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Survey: Idaho Has Rudest Drivers in U.S.

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For all of the polls and surveys that tell Idahoans how wonderfully liveable our state is, a new study out this morning is a swift kick in the butt for the Gem State. 

Insure.com insists that Idaho has the rudest drivers in the nation.

A survey of 2,000 drivers nationwide asked drivers to name those they think are the rudest in other states. 

And Idaho came out the worst. This morning's USA Today writes, "They honk, they're impatient, they make rude gestures, they gun their engines. They are the rude drivers, and the highest concentration of them is in Idaho, a new poll suggests."

Idaho was followed by Washington, D.C., New York, Wyoming, Massachusetts, Delaware, Vermont, New Jersey, Nevada and Utah.

Here's the the write-up from Insure.com:

1. Idaho: Wait for it
The roadways of Idaho present a dichotomy of drivers: Those who are moving so slowly that they’re judged to be rude, and the aggressive drivers who speed around them and flip them off. Together, with their opposite yet equally vexing styles of driving, they push Idaho to the top of the rankings.
Remember Matt Stubbs, formerly of Utah? He recently moved to Idaho and was amazed by the number of drivers holding up everyone behind them, moving at turtle-like speed, reminiscent of an old-fashioned Sunday drive.
“Maybe I’m just used to the aggressive, overly-caffeinated (on Diet Coke) Utah drivers. That’s why everyone in Idaho seems to be driving so slowly,” he says.
Stubbs observes that Idahoans feel “just fine taking their time, driving 5 to 10 miles an hour under the limit.”
This creates additional tension when fast drivers are added to the mix. Idaho resident Eric Leins, a Southern California native, points to the state’s mountainous, rural areas as a source of driver conflict. Those familiar with certain roads may not be very patient with drivers new to the twisting, turning roadways.
“If you’ve driven that hundreds of times, you know [the road] and pick up your speed,” he says. “So those driving them for the first time may have the experienced drivers honking their horns and flipping them the bird,” he says.
Despite its No. 1 ranking for rude driving, Idaho insurance premiums are among the lowest in the nation. Idaho premiums rank No. 48 out of 51 in Insure.com's 2014 study of car insurance rates by state.

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