Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Other Guys

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Pity the non-mainstream candidates for office. Whether they take their campaigns seriously or not, they face a steep challenge getting noticed.

This years' entry is Mike Murphy, the taxi dispatcher who would like to be mayor of Boise.

The problem is, he's got the incumbent, Mayor Dave Bieter, and a prominent City Councilor, Jim Tibbs, both running hard with support from their respective major parties (the mayor's race is, for the record, nonpartisan. That's one of those legal definitions that get squashed in the rush by each party to dominate the state's largest city).

Not to be daunted, or dismissed, Murphy sent out a punchy note this morning about his candidacy, tsk-tsk'ing those media hounds who have begun referring to him as "The Myspace candidate" (his primary campaign activity thus far is his Web site).

His point? He's not the only candidate on Myspace, including, oh, Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

"My last Press Release was ... directed to the very few remaining print and broadcast "journalists" who still feel that a candidacy that has a MySpace presence is somehow less of a candidacy. And by extension, MySpacers less of a constituency, " Murphy wrote.

Fair point. But will his offbeat campaign be enough? Boise has been here before. This was on my mind this morning, as I walked in to the BW HQ here, where workers have begun installing our new public art project. To cover the hole they've begun digging, they found some old boards.

One of them, pictured at right, might look familiar to anyone who was taking notes during the 2003 mayoral election.

Harley Brown, where are you? And, do you have any advice for Murphy?

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