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KIVI's Free Advice for Micron

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Well, here's another blog I guess we'll have to monitor some.

Scott Picken, the news director over at KIVI Channel 6, finally got fed up over what he sees as a botched job by Micron when it came to laying off the estimated 1,100 people now getting pink slips.

Now, in an open letter to Micron's managers, he lets 'em have it in a way that spurned Micronauts will find refreshing.

But is it news?

His first salvo: Bad day for the firings. People are getting married on 07/07/07, not fired.

Picken writes: "Smart companies simply don't do bad things on memorable days. July 7, 2007 is now Micron's 'December 7th.' It's [sic]'Day of Infamy.' A horrible point in time for a company many feel has lost its way."

Tell us what you really think, Scott!

The post continues with seven points of advice for Mark Durcan, President and COO of Micron, to pursue to help undo damage Picken says Micron CEO Steve Appleton has, and is, doing to the company's image.

"The dune buggy stuff is particularly hilarious. There's sort of this 'Appleton fiddled while Micron burned' feel to some of his 'high-falutin' CEO ways," Pickens writes.

Judging by the comments he's been getting, Pickens has struck a nerve. Time will tell what this does for his news channel. It's the sort of thing we contemplate here at BW as we prepare to launch a series of staff blogs. Pickens will gain lots of fans in the viewing public, but it's doubtful he'll have the same level of credibility with the higher-ups at Micron.

The question, I suppose, is whether that matters.

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