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Mayor's Hotline: Unfriendly Tour Train

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7/28/07 Lonnie R. Larsen 891-5747 Speed Bump Request: I’m doing a citizen’s complaint on 4012 Garnet. I’m requesting some speed bumps because there are too many a**&+%$^ here that speed up and down my street. My neighbor’s dog just got hit and died, and if it was one of my nephews, I’d be more pi**#$. I’d appreciate it if you gave me a call back. Action Taken: bad Ph. # ACHD

7/29/07 Anonymous Police: Mayor Bieter, I have a little complaint. I have juveniles having a drinking party next to my house. There were three units that responded; I called it in the night before because one of the juveniles fell down; he couldn’t even drive. I question why, when the officers came, that they couldn’t go over there and bust up the party. I listened to them in the back yard and they said they were juveniles and this was a good place to come and drink. That’s how we get kids killed. BPD

7/30/07 Sandy Shields 3790 Coventry Dr. Boise, ID 377-7909 Zoning Code Violation: We have a gentleman who is operating a car repair shop out of his home. He lives on the corner of Pembrook and Manchester. The city police have been out once or twice to tag all the cars and code enforcement has been out several times. We’re trying to figure out if there’s anyone else we can call to get this gentleman to respect the neighborhood. He parks on both sides of the road, up on the sidewalk, his driveway, and the lawn so when you’re on the sidewalk you can’t use it. You can’t cut across his lawn because there’s cars parked there, then there’s cars parked on both sides of the road, so when you go out around, you find yourself in the middle of the road. Because it’s on the corner, people who live on Pembrook turn the corner and there you are right in the middle of the road. He also has milk jugs of oil sitting around and he leaves his trash out in front of the house with the oil and there’s trash flowing over it. There’s always around 8-10 cars parked there. We were wondering if it was legal to operate a repair shop out of a residential home. We would appreciate a call back. Action Taken: contacted PDS BPD

7/30/07 Anonymous Graffiti: I told a community resource officer two weeks ago when I saw him on Poplar Street about two signs that have gang stuff on them and now they have more on them. There’s a stop sign at York and Hartman, and there’s a school crossing sign south of York on Hartman. I would appreciate it if you would take care of it, or I could cover it up myself. You decide. Thank you. Graffiti Team

7/30/07 Tiffany Tanner 40115 Patricia Boise, ID 342-1580 Half-Way House: I was just looking at the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act that President Bush signed into law on July 27, 2006. On page 41-42 it states that “…The Attorney General shall not make any grant under this section for the purpose of establishing enhancing property any transitional housing for a sexually dangerous person in or near a location where minors or other vulnerable persons are likely to come into contact with that person…” I just wondered if the house at 4025 Patricia was receiving money from the Attorney General when they are right next to so many children because under this section of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, they can’t be getting any money because they are so close to so many children and there are pedophiles that are inside the house. Just a thought. Thanks. PDS

7/31/07 Amy City of Boise Employee ACHD: I just wanted to let Mayor Bieter know how much we appreciate all the road construction during rush hour traffic; how it holds up all the parking spaces and delays people on their way into work. I think it’s great that there is much improvement going on, but I think that it could go on at night when traffic levels are lower or after rush hour traffic during the mid-day slump when nobody is trying to get to their offices. I think it’s great that there’s so much parking that you have to pay for because all the parking spaces are blocked by the construction on a regular basis. Thank you and have a good day. ACHD M/CC

Marla Colangeoo 507 Bulwer St. Salmon, ID 83467 (208) 756-1622 Salmon Police Department: I have an issue here with some teenagers, but also adults, that are referring to themselves as a gang called The Juggloes. They have harassed my son who is under age, he is 17. One of these Juggloes, her name is Brittany Adams, has hit my son with her car on two separate occasions, and there was no action taken by the police department. They did know about it, they were notified about this, and they don’t feel that there’s enough evidence, witnesses, or anything to really do anything about this right now. There have been a lot of incidences since the car incident. My son cannot walk down the street without being harassed or jumped and physically beaten up by these people. We got him out of town because that was one of the suggestions by the police officers, which was Oster Morphisa, to keep him out of town. If he could stay in Challis that would be better because he would be away from these people and it would cool their tempers down. He was there for a while, and last Monday, four of them (Brittany Adams is basically the instigator, she’s the one in charge of everything), Brittany called Challis where my son is staying with a friend, and asked the friend where James Hensley is (her son), and he told him that he wasn’t here, he was in Salmon. She said they were going to jump him and they needed to find him. My son was actually talking on the phone because he didn’t want her to know it was him. Finally he told her he was in Challis. She said they were going to come after him and they were going to bring three car loads of people and were going to kill him. My son got scared and called me; my husband and I went to the sheriff’s department and talked to a police officer and talked to a deputy sheriff. We told them that our son just received a threat and they said they would inform the sheriff’s department in Challis. We talked about other incidents that had been happening with these people, but they weren’t too concerned because the situation hadn’t been too serious before. Around 30 minutes later my son called me back and said they had come to Challis and beat him up. We let the police officer and sheriff know that they had just jumped him again and asked if they had called the sheriff in Challis. They said they hadn’t had time yet to call them, but they would go out and wait for the kids to cross the county line because it was after 11:00 p.m. They stopped the kids when they crossed the county line and took pictures and statements then let them go. I don’t understand why these kids, who are continuously harassing and threatening my son’s life and are now starting to harass my husband and me, are still walking the streets and threatening to kill him. I’m very concerned for my son’s life. They are becoming more and more daring and nothing is being done. The police officer and the sheriff’s department don’t seem to be communicating with each other. I’m letting you know so if something happens to my son, it will be documented; somebody is going to have to deal with this and be responsible for this. They’re not just hurting my son, they’re hurting other people in this town. I don’t believe the police officers here have enough knowledge and understanding to deal with these kinds of things. (also spoke directly to her) M/CC Salmon PD Action Taken: Spoke to Salmon Chief of Police

8/1/07 Margaret Odedo Helen St. Thank You: I’ve been meaning to call and thank you for quite a long time. I met with you awhile back at an open Saturday. My concern was not enough fire hydrants in the neighborhood around Robert St. Two new fire hydrants have been installed and the elderly neighbors’ and my homeowner’s insurance has gone down because of it. Thank you! Fire M/CC

7/31/07 Barbara Vargeson 9435 W. Irving Boise, ID 83705 322-2907 Code Enforcement: I have a question regarding property that is not kept up and is a fire hazard. We have complained about this year after year and understand that you had a new committee and still nothing has been done. I would like to file a complaint again with somebody who would count. Louis Pflegger is the property owner. This property is the only one on the west side of Kimball St. I called day before yesterday and still haven’t received a call back. Thank you. PDS Action Taken: contacted

7/31/07 Ann Sarsen 2020 Euclid Ave. Boise, ID 83706 Allied Waste: I want to thank the mayor for his presence the other night at the public forum held at the Flicks. While he was there, he voiced very strong support for increasing community participation in recycling, in particular by allowing for co-mingling of recyclables. It’s quite obvious that user participation would increase dramatically if recycling was as easy as co-mingling; in fact most other urban metropolitan areas fully accept co-mingled material. At the trash talks recently held, I advocated for co-mingling and all I heard was a bunch of “no’s”. I advocated for glass pick-up and I heard more “no’s”. Why is it that so many other metro areas are up to speed on recycling and Boise is not? Why does Boise’s new trash plan fail to get us co-mingling, fail to get us glass recycling when so many other communities have been doing this for years? I was astounded to find out that Allied Waste executives were on the trash planning committee. The problem with this is that any significant increase in recycling in fact results in reduction in Boise solid waste and therefore reduces Allied Waste’s revenues. This is a blatant conflict of interest and I’m fairly certain that all the “no’s” I heard had everything to do with Allied Waste’s presence on the planning committee. Waste management operations in Oregon, Washington, and North Idaho do handle glass and do accept co-mingling. To find out more, you can call the Spokane office at (509) 924-9400. If Spokane can do it, we can too. As long as Allied Waste is on the planning committee and in our pockets, the citizens of Boise will get a raw deal. I urge you to do what you can to give this community a waste management plan that we can feel proud of. Thank you. PW

7/31/07 Addie Haas 1285 N. Astor Pl. Boise, ID 83704 376-4037 Half-Way House: I want to thank Mayor Bieter for listening to the spokespeople that we had for South Hampton that met with you today. They felt very good coming away from that meeting, and the information I got makes me feel really, really good that you listened and are willing to work with us. Thank you so, so, so, very much. PDS Legal

7/31/07 Glenn Miles 1306 N. 26th Boise, ID 83702 Neighborhood Watch: My observation would be that we have a number of drive-by shootings, accidents, and bullets flying in the cities of Caldwell and Nampa, and that we ought to be pro-active with some of the danger points here in Boise itself, that we ought to expand the neighborhood watch program so that we have more eyes and ears watching for problems that are taking place. A policeman ought to be paid by, and encouraged if not directly by city council ordinance, to recruit as they come on into a neighborhood assignment people to be in the neighborhood watch program and have on file names, addresses, phone numbers of individuals who are looking for signs of drugs, illegal vehicles that might have Canyon County plates, but be expired since last January, and vans that don’t have the right plates on them because they don’t have letters in front of the numbers. We’ve got to be proactive; let’s not be caught like the Mayor Cole situation. Let’s be proactive and insist that the police start thinking in terms of expanding the neighborhood watch program and have lists that the city council can look at. Wouldn’t this be expedient and wise government given the climate, the surrounding cities, and some of the problems that have taken place in Boise? Miles out. BPD

8/1/07 Merelyn Hodge 1301 N. Gwainne Pl. (South Hampton Subdivision) Boise, ID Half-Way House: I wanted to call to thank everybody concerned, especially Mayor Bieter, for attending our meeting yesterday, and for at least acting and leaving us feeling he was concerned about our situation. We’ve been up in the air with it for so long and then all of a sudden we feel that at the meeting yesterday, maybe something will be done if there’s anything possible. I was very impressed with the lady from city conflict, I believe her name was Amanda, and liked her very much. I’m sure that she will do as much as she can. Thank you again, and we would appreciate hearing from you. M/CC PDS Legal

8/1/07 Anonymous CCDC: I’m curious as to what the status is of looking into the validity of CCDC. I’m wondering why they continue to be a hindrance in the downtown, specifically to the Aspen project, and would like to know what the plan is with them. I would also like to know if the Mayor is aware that they have intentionally made it difficult for the Aspen and why that continues to be allowed. Their own people have even put out information that is incorrect, and actually intentionally think it’s funny that they’ve put these road blocks up. There are specific recordings that the Mayor should ask about that are from CCDC’s own people, laughing about their insurance requirements. That might be something that the Mayor might want to look into. M/CC

8/2/07 Max King 2025 Longmont Ave. Boise, ID 342-5826 Code Enforcement: We have a property down on the end of the block with the address of 904 Pennsylvania. It’s got an old abandoned house there and a bunch of junk. I’ve been trying to get it cleaned up for a year and zoning enforcement has done nothing as far as I’m concerned, they won’t even return my calls. We need some action. The city has already done some work on part of the lot and the only way it’s going to get cleaned up if the city goes ahead and cleans it up. I’m not sure but I think the guy who owns the property has gone “belly up” and it needs to have some action on it. The second thing is on the corner of Broadway and Pennsylvania Avenue, there’s a van parked there that’s nothing but a rolling billboard parked right on the corner and it interferes with the sight up and down getting on Broadway. I’ve had it moved once and it’s back again. I would like to see that moved also, it’s for the Money Exchange shop right there in the village. If you could help me out with that, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. Action Taken: left msj PDS

8/2/07 Kathryn Wise 841-9000 Boise Tour Train: I am the business manager for the Boise Meridian RV Resort. We were visited by Don Becker, the owner of the Boise Tour Train some time ago in an effort to encourage our referral of his enterprise to provide a great experience and tour of our beautiful city. We were excited to participate because we agreed that it would be a wonderful opportunity for our visitors to see the City of Boise and hear about our history. We had great group of very friendly visitors, the Beaver Ambassadors from approximately ten to fifteen different states, staying at our RV park. They made reservations for a group of 54 as we had referred them and unfortunately arrived about 10-15 minutes late from their reserved time. They started boarding the tour train, as they had provided a substantial deposit for their large group, and didn’t anticipate there would be a problem since the train was still there. According to the group, the conductor of the train came out to the group, extremely agitated, cursing at the group and using extremely inappropriate language in the presence of children, and they were ordered to leave the premises. The group states that they requested to speak to the owner or manager, and that the person identified himself as Don Becker, the owner, with sarcasm and a very condescending manner. The on-site manager of the Boise Meridian RV Resort, very concerned about the incident, has left messages for Don Becker, but he fails to return calls or offer an explanation. I am upset and disappointed at the reflection of our city and the reflection of our business in referring the Boise Tour Train. The Beaver Ambassadors have indicated that they will forward a letter of complaint to any entity that cares about the impact this business has had on their impression of our community, including the Mayor’s Office, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Better Business Bureau, in addition to Mr. Becker. Needless to say our referral of this business has come to an end. Mayor

8/2/07 Sue Pisani 1809 Hervey St. Boise, ID Campaign: I’m calling on the Tibbs matter, and I just wanted to say that the Mayor and Council have my complete support. I think what Mr. Tibbs is trying to do is deplorable and I think it’s coming across that way. I think it’s unfortunate that he takes valuable time to push his campaign in a way that’s certainly not very honest. Thank you. M/CC

8/2/07 Victoria Wurst 857 E. Holly St. Boise, ID 83712 384-1807 Illegal Parking: My concern is a neighbor parking in front of a fire hydrant. I have talked to the Fire Marshall, but I have not received any response to this request. He is driving a Chevy S10 pickup plate # is 1/APH3377. He works odd hours. Police Action Taken: contacted. Fire marshal will deal w/ one of her concerns but not the parking

8/2/07 Donald Chaffin P.O. Box 10 Nathrop, CO 81236 (504) 343-1064 Boise Tour Train: I’m calling in regard to my visit to Boise. Today is Thursday, August 2, 2007. Last Saturday we went to the park and were going to take the Boise Tour Train and we had a very bad experience. The owner/operator of the train was very rude and after paying for the tickets, asked us to get off of the train. He called everybody on the train, which was virtually full, asses. I thought it was just a terrible experience. It was difficult to find the place because there were activities in the park, and then after finding a place to park and walking around, we got on the train only to have this terrible experience. Obviously to me, the man shouldn’t be dealing with the public. I wanted to report this and let you know that; I don’t think ya’ll want somebody operating the train that’s rude and ugly with the public. Mayor

8/2/07 Russell Alleman 128 Cedar Park Ln. Rayne, LA 70578 (337) 288-3531 Boise Tour Train: I belong to the Beaver Ambassador Club and on July 28th we were supposed to have a Boise Tour Train ride and we had a very bad time with this Becker guy; he insulted us. We feel some action needs to be taken against this guy. Thank you. Mayor

8/2/07 George Morlan Ackworth, GA (404) 213-4671 Boise Tour Train: I wrote the Mayor a letter which I sent to him via the President of the Chamber of Commerce about a very poor experience we had with the Boise Tour Train last week. There were about fifty people from our organization who stopped there and it really spoiled our vacation. The details are all in the letter I sent; I do really want to encourage you folks to look at the way the Boise Tour Train is representing your city to tourists. It just amazed me. Mayor

8/2/07 Joe Deweese Windsor, CO 80550 (970) 481-2725 Boise Tour Train: I was with the Beaver Ambassador Club group that was in Boise last Saturday, and had an unfortunate experience with the Boise Tour Train. The tour train operator, I thought, behaved very inappropriately. He seemed to be very frustrated by our group and basically just lost his temper and insulted everyone. The use of his language was totally inappropriate for someone in his position. We were very dismayed and very, very disappointed with his behavior, and it left a very unfavorable impression in our minds about the City of Boise and the services that were provided. I just wanted to add my points to that. Mayor

8/2/07 Addie Haas 1285 N. Astor Pl. Boise, ID 83704 376-4037 Half-Way House: We were told to call this hotline if there was anything going on concerning 1286 N. Astor Place, the half-way house. There was an empty extra-large beer can in my Idaho Statesman container that holds my paper. I didn’t see anybody put it there, but it’s not mine and none of my neighbors knew about it. I live right across the street from them. Thank you. Legal

8/2/07 Anonymous Graffiti: I wanted to report some graffiti; the address is 11473 Fairview Ave. on the side of the Custom Glass business, on the east side of the building facing Shamrock. That’s it. Graffiti Team

8/2/07 Amy Vecchione 899-3346 Air Quality: I’m calling because I can’t breathe. I’ve waited way too long to make this phone call. There’s no reason for Mayor Bieter to not have demanded that other county residents that frequently commute into Boise be required to have the same emissions testing that Ada County does. You should make that demand because it’s ruining Boise. Not only that, you should be offering money, some kind of cash, for anybody who is willing to take alternative transportation in order to get into Boise. That should be done in the form of promoting bicycle use, perhaps giving out free bicycles, perhaps actually following through with one of the former mayor’s plans to put in some kind of mass transportation between here and say Caldwell. I know that that existed in 1903, 1907, 1911, and it’s gone. There’s no reason it can’t be rebuilt. I do not need to be contacted; I need action and I need it now, but if you would like to you’re more than willing to contact me. M/CC

8/3/07 Jeremy Miller 1400 Hill Rd. Boise, ID 83702 Air Quality: I’m really concerned about the air quality and it doesn’t seem like there’s anyone really trying to do anything about it. I understand it is largely due to fires, but a lot of it could have been aggravated by a few other things. It could have been reduced by having emission standards for everyone who enters, especially those coming from nearby counties, which is absolutely ridiculous that there isn’t. Anything like that in Canyon County, Owyhee County, or Gem County or any of them, it would be nice to see some sort of incentive program to get people to not drive their cars to work, including maybe some sort of tax benefit or cash benefit, or any real incentive that would get people off the streets and on their bikes before the air gets so bad that you’re actually not able to bike for your own health. Perhaps a light rail system between here and Canyon County, and if we could do that last week, would help. If it could have been done by that screw-up Brent Coles, it would have been great. I’ll just stay inside and contribute to the pollution in the valley with my air conditioning. M/CC

8/3/07 Bradford Shaw 4937 N. Hollow Ln. (end of Hearthstone which is a townhouse complex) 362-9516 Graffiti: This area has just been targeted by some graffiti guy who is putting hate speech on our mail boxes and our community table. It’s rather alarming because it says, “We’re America’s elite; we’re going to rot in hell…” and all that kind of thing. It also looks like it’s signed in one place. We hope somebody will come and take a look at it. Graffiti Team Action Taken: left msj

8/3/07 Anonymous Air Quality & Campaign: Mayor Bieter, you need to recall Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs from your Psych. 101 college class. He says you cannot concentrate on music, art, beauties, recreation when your basic needs for survival are not being met. Now, right now our air is so bad, our traffic is so jammed, that it is seriously threatening our lifestyles and our health. We have got to concentrate on some of these lower hierarchy needs before we give time and money to the others. Take care of these things, Mayor, because they’re health concerns. Secondly, do not even engage Mr. Tibbs in this thing that he’s doing; tell him that you don’t have time, that your lawyer will handle it, and that you will look forward to dealing with him in the election, which is not scheduled for today. This air thing is really getting to us, Mayor, really getting to us. Thank you. M/CC

8/3/07 Dwayne Paris 2621 N. 29th St. Boise, ID 83703 867-5642 New Home Setbacks: We are in the process of tearing down our house and building a new house on the same location and currently our side garage is about 25 ft. from the street. We found out through Planning and Zoning that we will need to move our garage and house off of Smith St. 35 ft. This will greatly reduce the size of our back yard and it will make the house sink back in further on Smith Street than all the rest of the houses and garages on the street. I contacted Planning and Development Services and they did not seem to want to work with me on this. They said I had to show a hardship which would take three months. It was tough just getting the paper work submitted. I thought I would call the hotline to see if there’s any other avenue I could take. We’re trying to tear down our house and build it as soon as possible without a three month delay which would definitely cause financial hardship as far as renting another home an extra three months. I would like to either put my garage in the same location as the existing one or find a compromise with the 20 ft. setback so I wouldn’t have to be 35 ft. off the street for our garage, which is attached to the garage. I would like to at least try to have the garage, maybe compromise the 20 ft. setback 5-10 ft. to keep us from being right next to our neighbor’s house and to have a back yard that is usable. As you look up and down the street, there are houses that have their garage anywhere from 14 ft. from the street to 25-30 ft., but most houses do not have the proper setback. We live in an area that does not have sidewalks; we maintain all that area. As far as I know the city or ACHD do not have any plans to install sidewalks in that area, so we would just like to find a compromise to keep our garage and house closer to Smith Street so we have a usable back yard. If I could get some input and help on this issue, I would greatly appreciate it. I would also like to state that our goal is to start tearing the house down by August 10th and start building the new house within two to three weeks afterwards. PDS

8/3/07 John Rower 12360 W. Tahiti Rd. Boise, ID 83704 350-1400 Mandatory Business Recycling: I just started a painting business a few months ago, but I’m finding that the products that I’m using now as well as the last few years are not eco-sensitive. Because of that, I have been researching different paint products that are more eco-sensitive. I have also been working part-time for Chicago Connection as a pizza delivery guy. The more I work there the more disgusted I’ve grown due to the fact that so much recyclable material is not recycled, it’s actually thrown away. I work there for just four hours and I’ll take a truck load of stuff that we would normally throw away, to the recycling plant. I got to thinking that the seat belt wasn’t even mandatory to have in vehicles 40 years ago, and now it is a law to be belted up. The way the world is growing and because our environment is being destroyed, which is happening to a huge extent here in Boise due to all the subdivisions and all the waste that’s created with house construction, eventually we’re going to need to have required recycling. I think that should be started now, and if it isn’t mandatory for all businesses to do this, then there should be some monetary benefits to businesses that do recycle. It’s a little frustrating that there is no leverage to make them conscious of this. A lot of times the bottom line isn’t about eco-sensitivity; but the bottom line is about how much money they’re going to line their pockets with. I would like to talk to somebody about this; I’ve called Public Works, I’ve called the Mayor’s office, and I would like to know how exactly I go about getting a petition or something to make the City of Boise to make it benefit the small business to recycle and be more eco-aware. PW

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