Monday, December 3, 2007

L.C.: The Reactions

Posted on Mon, Dec 3, 2007 at 4:00 AM

Whew! Anyone else feeling a little dirty?

Dan Popkey's latest Larry Craig report had us reaching for the Purell Sunday, but so many more of you felt like you had something to offer, online.

First, Craig himself sayeth, "hokum!" and, "tabloid!"

D.C. gossip Web site Wonkette sat back and read the Statesman report and had this to say: "Told ya so. Like, a while ago."

Circling back towards the region, Randy Stapilus said, as he often does, "Hem," and later added, "Haw" and we're pretty sure there was a "we" and a "furthermore" in there somewhere but we lost track.

Back in B-Town, Jill Kuraitis and New West are still saying, "g'wan, git."

(Here in BW HQ, we're still saying, "Coffee, anyone?")

We're still wwaaaaaiiiting for the righteous Lefties to chime in. Hello? Anyone? Ah, there you are. MountainGoat Report, ahead of the curve, says, "Yawn."

Love the comments we're seeing. Especially the dude on Wonkette, reading about Craig's come-on at Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area (full new name, dig!) said, "'Bogus Basin"? I cannot think of a more likely place to find a cruisy toilet."

Shoot, we thought that was Julia Davis Park. Okay, working on it.

"I'm not gross. Popkey is gross," some people appear to be saying. We call that a slim defense for your headline, Sir Guardian.

My heavens, this isn't your grandfather's Web comment page.

We're exhausted. And a little dirty. And it's barely noon.

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