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Dems come out en force to support Obama

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The Idaho for Obama (IFO) campaign headquarters in Boise announced the presence of a “very special guest” on Thursday morning. The IFO invited media outlets to a press conference in which the guest speaker’s identity was tightly held under wraps, prompting much wild speculation as to the guest speaker’s identity. Could it be Senator Barack Obama himself, come early for his rally in Boise? One BW staffer hoped it was Oprah, schlepping her grand self to Idaho in support of Obama.

Thursday afternoon came and revealed the secret guest’s identity, and no, it was neither of the Big O’s. Instead, news cameramen and a couple of reporters crammed together into a tiny room at the IFO house to witness four high-profile Idaho Democrats holding a press conference. Idaho House Minority Leader Representative Wendy Jaquet (D-Blaine County) introduced former Governor Cecil Andrus while Walt Minnick and Jerry Brady looked on.

The big news and all the secrecy was (drum roll, please), Andrus’ public endorsement of Obama. The former Idaho governor gave a speech about how he thinks Obama is the “one person in either political party that has the ability, the character and the eloquence to bring to the American people the issues of the day.” Andrus went on to compare Obama to not only John F. Kennedy but to Abraham Lincoln as well.

“Back in 1960, I was 28 years old, a lumberjack from Orofino, and I traveled from Orofino to Lewiston to hear a Senator from Massachusetts [Kennedy] tell us why he wanted to be President of the United States. I left that meeting inspired to become totally involved in public service and to run for high public office. Senator Obama has that same ability to energize people, to inspire them to greater heights. Yes, I think I can compare the two very favorably.

“You can also use Abraham Lincoln as another hero of mine that knew, as Senator Obama knows, that all men are created equal, and that, in fact, the world belongs to all of us. He’s an individual who carries that forward in the same manner. So I would say to you that he’s the right choice, the right man at the right time. And he’s an individual that I gladly give my support [to], and I would urge the people of Idaho, all those who hear my voice to take a close look at this man and make their judgment as to who should be the next President of the United States, and I think it’s him.”

An excited, energized group of both press and campaign volunteers chatted up the powerful Democratic group, shaking hands and politicking after the press conference. And you, too, can join in the hype. Obama is making history this Saturday, February 2, when he becomes the first black Presidential hopeful to rally in Idaho.

Obama’s “Stand for Change Rally” takes place at the Taco Bell Arena at Boise State, at 8:30 a.m. Doors open at 7 a.m. at Public Entrance # 3, and it’s recommended that people arrive early to get seats. For security reasons, bags are not permitted inside the event and attendees are encouraged to limit personal belongings. Cameras are allowed and admission is FREE. For more information, visit

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