Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Half Empty Glass

Posted By on Wed, May 28, 2008 at 4:00 AM

Okay, everyone worked off their primary night hangover?

Nope, we haven't either. So, let's grab ourselves another cup of dark and murky and look through the primary results.

First, look at you go, Ron Paul: a full 28 percent of the Republican primary results go to you. Do we detect a bit of Idaho Republican grumpiness about missing out on their Mitt Romney moment?

Democrats, don't get too excited. There's more trouble for you than you may have realized.

Memo to John McCain: Your friends in Idaho would like to see you. Often.

To Lt. Governor Jim Risch, job well done. That's what we call a clean brush off of the opposition in the primary. Um, but can you perhaps tell us why seven guys thought they could do a better job than you? We haven't seen a primary that crowded since Bill Sali ran for Congress. '

To Supreme Court Justice Joel Horton: Hello, nailbiter. Ai, yi yi have you thought about maybe spending some of that cash on campaigning next time? That one sign-waver we saw on Myrtle Street on election day just ain't going to cut the mustard, your honor.

The numbers: The Idaho Secretary of State has Horton ahead by a mere 194 votes. Ouch.

To you, Kirk Sullivan: Yeah, your party is like, so totally united, Dude. Heard you the first time. So why do you feel compelled to tell us that, over and over?

To Larry LaRocco: Okay, you won and now you get to go back to battle with the guy who stomped you last time you two went at it. What fun. Can you explain why you couldn't get more of David Archuleta's voters? Jeez, get a job already.

To U.S. Rep. Bill Sali Nice job tossing Salisbury into the heap. : Have fun with Walt Minnick. Do you need him to loan you any cash?

To Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter: Oy, two of your appointees got tossed last night. The greatest loss to the news and satire business: Communist Fighter Curtis Bowers. Well, he'll have more time to hunt down socialists, now.

And finally, we can't help but notice the challenge Ada County Commissioner Paul Woods just drew.

Last time around, Woods, a Democrat, just squeezed by Republican challenger—and perennial candidate—Steven Kimball. Now, he's going to have to go up against former county commissioner Sharon Ullman. She has a name for herself and won with 39 percent of the vote. Woods might just put up a fight.

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