Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spock vs. Kirk

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So the big discussion in the aftermath of the Star Trek movie is the "who is sexier" one. I never gave it much thought about which character is sexier as I don't view the world in those terms, especially when it comes to rating the sexiness of male characters. However, give me a green Orion girl and... rrrawwwrrlll.

When it comes to main characters in movies I don't think of them in erotic terms. My significant girlfriend, however, does. Apparently she grew up with a crush on Spock. This shocked me. She said it wasn't his emotionally removed behavior, nor his smarts, but the fact that on occasion, there was hope to be able to, get this, make him more emotional.

I figured it would be Sulu, or Scotty or some other character, hell, even Kirk always running around with his shirt torn and three bloody scratches across his hairless chest. Boy was I wrong. That shows you what I know about women. Apparently she's not the only one who thinks Kirk is a tool.

A blog entry by Charlie Jane Anders titled "So Really, Why Is Captain Kirk Such a Douchebag?" pretty much sums it up about what women really think about Kirk, both Shatner's version and the recent portrayal in the movie. I couldn't have said it better.

So when Uhuru and Spock make it known that they've been doing the nasty in the most current incarnation of the film, it was a big turn-on to my own Orion girl, and that is what matters. So, yes, Spock is sexy. Now wait while I put on my pointy ears.

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