Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rall With It

Posted By on Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 9:55 AM

I had one of those "oh shit" editor moments Monday as I was putting a final read on this week's edition.

And, as it is more often than not, it came courtesy of columnist Ted Rall.

Many of you—even those of you who like Rall—will hate his column in the June 17 issue. Without having even published it yet, I know exactly the sort of vitriolic letters to the editor I can expect. And I predict they'll take Rall to task even more than those in this week's issue, printed just a few pages before Rall's column.

For the briefest of moments, I considered pulling his column this week. It took but seconds for me to remember that this is exactly what we pay him to do: to make us think about our world—even those parts of it we really love—in a different light. After all, isn't it people like Ted Rall and Ann Coulter, with whom we disagree so vigorously—who make us really evaluate what we think and why. (Not that I'd ever give Coulter credit for encouraging me to think for myself, but she's certainly thrown me into enough hissy fits that hopefully those who heard me yelling at the TV thought twice about their own convictions.)

As it's only Tuesday and the paper doesn't come out until tomorrow, I won't ruin the surprise by telling you what it's about. Suffice it to say, he's sticking with his Barack Obama tirade. I'll leave you with a quote:
"Members of the media remain in thrall to the Leader’s suave persona, which is magnified by the glamour his statuesque wife and adorable daughters have brought to Germania (formerly Berlin)."

When you're finished reading it, you can reach me at editor@boiseweekly.com.

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