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Jack Black vs. Will Ferrell

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6197/1249069780-images-1.jpegLand of the Lost is the dumbest movie I've ever seen. I don't mean that in a flattering way. I don't mean that in a funny "I love Will Ferrell" way. I mean that I can't believe I didn't walk out of the theater 20 minutes into the film.

My better half loves an action flick. While he does solo matinees to Transformers and Terminator, I do solo trips to Flicks. Last night, I wanted a goofy movie and I wanted to hit the cheap seats. My vote was Jack Black's Year One. His was Will Ferrell's Land of the Lost.

My rock-paper-scissors skills are mad and we should have rochambeaued. Instead, I gave in.

After a few scenes, it was pretty clear that Land of the Lost was a complete dud. My mate leaned over in the dark theater and asked if I wanted to leave. I did. I know he did, too. But I shook my head. He asked three different times if I wanted to go, and all three times I said no. We sat through every single line of that stupid movie.

As we walked out, we argued over whether or not Year One would have been any better. His vote: nope. Ferrell, as dumb as Land of the Lost was, is better than Black any day.
My vote: Jack Black could deliver Will Ferrell a comedic beat down any time, any place. In a celebrity death match, Black would grab the waistband of Ferrell's tighty whities and pull 'em up over head in one swift wedgie swoop. (Now, that would be funny.)

But I don't have another two hours to waste on another potentially stupid movie to prove my point.

Thus, here we are readers, at you. Who's funnier? Black or Ferrell?

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