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Mushed Strawberry Jam Night

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Row of Jams.
  • Nathaniel Hoffman
  • Row of Jam.
On Wednesday we picked five lbs. of strawberries from my student garden at Peaceful Belly. On Thursday we made jam.

Here's the problem. In my head I wanted naturally sweetened jam. I didn't want to make 3:4 sugar-berry jam like most of the recipes call for. I most definitely didn't want Splenda jam. But I never picked up the hippy dippy book on preserving food I was supposed to get and the Google was not helpful in this regard. So we ended up running to Albertsons at 10 p.m., picking up a box of pectin and following the quick and easy recipe inside.

Hey, it was my first time. I should have called my mom.

Toast and Jams.
  • Nathaniel Hoffman
  • Toast and Jams.
But the five lbs. of berries yielded five rosy jars of freezer jam. And the hardest part was picking the stems off the berries, which I think is called hulling. They were getting mushy and jam-like in the refrigerator anyway. They geled nicely and will be in the freezer later this afternoon.

I'm not going to give ya'all instructions here, because there is nothing innovative in my process. Next time I'll get a brand new process, and make my own sweet pectin from reduced apples and lemons or something. But for now, I got a bunch of jars of jam out of my garden and Albertsons.

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