Monday, August 31, 2009

Surprising recyclables

Posted By on Mon, Aug 31, 2009 at 3:12 PM, the green arm of uber popular design blog, compiled a list of things that we all think should be recycled but, because we assume they can't be, end up as one more topographical bump in the landfill. As a relatively new recycling convert—and a relatively fervent one—I'm happy that I don't have to stop buying potato chips because I feel guilty about the packaging (the guilt over the calories is another issue).

And it's not even just that the items can be recycled. The author was good enough to include how and where to drop off—or send, in some cases—your recyclables.

Put a cork in all that waste.
The heretofore trashcan fillers are wine corks, packing peanuts, Tyvek envelopes, CDs, DVDs, jewel cases, audio and video tapes, pagers, PDAs, ink/toner cartridge, batteries, potato chip bags and other foil packaging, phone books, fluorescent light bulbs, carpets and rugs, old medicine (in some states), paper towels (if you live in Canada).

Not everything can be recycled everywhere, natch, but check the list to see if you have anything on it that can be repurposed. As for me, I have to run to the store. I need to pick up some barbecue chips.

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