Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Vegetarian Cooking Class and Salmon in Drag

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In addition to their fancy $60 Polish gravy boats and flower-adorned cream pitchers, the Pottery Gourmet Kitchen recently started offering cooking classes. After hosting previous classes on French pastries, soup flights and gluten-free cooking, the shop will hand things over to the herbivores this evening.

Registered dietician and cookbook author Karen Mangum hosts a vegetarian cooking class Tuesday, Sept. 22 from 6:30-8:30 p.m., featuring roasted eggplant salad; artichoke and basil pesto pizza; spinach and cheese enchiladas; vegetable lasagna and apricot raisin bars. Though the fee is a bit more than most prefer to spend on an individual dinner—$50—keep in mind the old adage: Give a woman a vegetarian lasagna and she’ll eat for a day; Teach a woman to cook a vegetarian lasagna and she’ll eat for a lifetime. (If she’s Garfield.)

In other random food news, I’ve recently been binging on AMC’s Mad Men and have been awestruck at some of the crap that people used to eat. (Tomato aspic, ack.) Today, our A&E Editor turned me on to a fairly old blog where a girl pokes fun at her mom’s 1974 Weight Watcher’s recipe cards. One particular gem involves a glistening Mousse of Salmon shaped like a flopping fish. Her caption reads: “Sometimes salmon will come to the big city full of dreams. Only to wind up used, and mangled, and reconstituted, and all tarted up in some kind of sick, horrifying salmon drag. Look, it's still trying to spawn. With lemons. It's confused. Oh, man, so sad.”

Tarted up in salmon drag. I think I just stumbled upon my Halloween costume.

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