Friday, October 9, 2009

Dine. Shop. Play.

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These days, everyone at BWHQ is feeding a serious Boise Weekly card addiction. Just ask Willi B’s—or Will-ibbs as we affectionately call it—we caravan down for their $4.50 sammy, side and brew lunch specials so often that we’ve given them an official pet name.

Well, if the BW card isn't enough to feed your need for bargains, we’ve got some potent new deal drugs to share with our fellow addicts, they're called DINE208, SHOP208 and PLAY208. It’s a simple concept: You text DINE208, SHOP208 or PLAY208 to 37398, then whenever restaurants, stores or entertainment venues in town have extra super sweet deals or promotions to offer, you are the first to know about them. If that seems at all gimickey, just give us a sec.

Say, for example, a local steakhouse wants to offer a free appetizer to the first 50 people who saunter through the doors on a particularly slow night. If you’ve signed up for DINE208, then you’ll get a single text from BW cluing you in to the awesome deal. Or say a local shoe retailer wants to get folks into their store, we’ll send a text out to our SHOP208 textmafia about their one-day-only, 30 percent-off deal on winter boots. Since we control what texts go out, we only send you the best deals. Oh, and we also won’t annoy you with a buttload of text spam like some of your Twitter pals. That’s just gross.

The best part? If you’ve got unlimited texts on your phone plan, it doesn’t cost you a thing. And if the day ever comes when you don’t want to cast your eyes on another text from BW ever again, it’s easy to unsubscribe—you just text STOP to 37398. If only that worked with your drunk-texting friends.

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