Monday, November 2, 2009

Why Giving Up Cable Doesn't Make Me Cry: "The Guild"

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In a move to save some moolah, we recently canceled cable at my house. In the days leading to the breakup, I worried that losing the 60-some channels would cause a hole in my heart so big that neither Ben nor Jerry could fill it. The loss has not been nearly as devastating as I had imagined.

I have rediscovered Idaho Public Television, watching documentaries that I would have missed in the days flipping between Comedy Central (which I admittedly miss) and Cartoon Network (ditto). I have also found a host of Web series including one particular gem, The Guild.

The Guild first aired in the summer of 2007. Each roughly four-minute episode focuses on The Knights of Good, six people who relate far better with avatars than with anyone in real life.

Creator and writer Felicia Day plays Cyd Sherman, code name Codex, the group's Healer. When fellow Guildy, the research-obsessed Zaboo—real name Sujan Balakrishnan Goldberg (Sandeep Parikh)—arrives on Codex's front door, the two of them, along with KOG members Bladezz, the handsome young charmer; Clara, the partying mother; Tinkerballa, the smart, prickly 20-something; and Vork the middle-aged dork must cope with the changes that come about when their relationships come out of the screen and into the real world

The show airs on MSN, XBox Live and Zune, but is easiest to watch via The Guild's channel on YouTube.

And watch an interview with Sherman here.

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