Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year's Revolution

Posted By on Fri, Jan 1, 2010 at 7:42 PM

I try to do something without any need of mindfulness every first of the year. Today I visited the bookstore that bears my name but no other relation and I wanted to see what the books of the world have to offer.

"There's a fuck of a lot of books," a friend once told me adding, "and a fuck of a lot of authors."

Yes there are, and some of my favorite sections include history, current affairs and media relations. It's just a habit of my past jobs that sends me to these aisles. But one thing I noticed today was that a lot of the books were turned upside down and backwards on the shelves. At first I noticed one or two, then upon recognizing the pattern, I noticed more. Upon turning them over I realized that the common denominator was that the covers of these turned over tomes all had Barack Obama on the cover.

OK, besides righting them to the correct orientation, I felt it was necessary to also comment on this public censorship that is occurring in this public forum. Is it racism, politics or some deeper hate that is filtering through? I am concerned about this self-rightiousness of censoring what is available in public commercial retail stores by the general public who is offended about the subject matter of certain books.

I mean, what the hell? Who do these fuckers think they are? Who are they to censor the imagery that tells us what are the pages within? I don't turn over "W" books. Never have. And I'm pretty radical. Let people choose to pick up a book based on it's cover or not. Don't choose for them.

Then, over in the art and photography section, while looking for cool photographer books, I noticed that any book that had any semblance of nudity on the cover was turned over, showing the backside instead of the enticing cover.

Who are these prudes? Who are these self proclaimed moral douchebags? Oh, it's on.

I think this is a war. Next time you are in a bookstore or newsstand, turn over a magazine or book you are morally opposed to. After all, everyone else is doing it.

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