Thursday, February 25, 2010

No sex on my iPhone

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Update re: iPhone explicit content

Just days after my original post, an explicit category option was added by Apple yesterday hinting that they might be finding a solution for the recent ban of all overtly sexual content on iPhones. But this morning the option has been removed according to Seems like the powers that be at Apple may not be all on the same page on this issue.

Update re: Apple on 2/20/2010

We have an Apple store coming to Boise in September at Boise Town Square. Boise is one of of the lucky few cities in the United States according to Apple.

I am a fairly recent iPhone convert. I held out along time due to the price tag and syncing compatibility issues. I like my iPhone. But I am not happy about the recent news at to restricting "overtly sexual content." I vehemently defend our First Amendment. Iphone apps are examples of creative expression. Come on. What is the definition of "overtly sexual." If I caved on my principles over every complaint that I got over content then there might not be a Boise Weekly to read every week. Iphone users download applications by choice. This ban implies that we cannot make our own decisions and need supervision by the iPhone police. If you don't want to see content that offends you then don't download it. Pretty simple. I don't appreciate the hollier than thou position that Apple is taking on this and I might have to rethink my iPhone. And I thought Apple was a progressive company and I am sad to find out that they are pussies. The power and politics seem to be impacting their judgment. Too bad. And yikes! Check out the examples of apps at that have been banned.

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