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Last Meal and Testament

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Over the years, I have been asked what I would like for a last meal. I know that people expect me to say that I would love roasted quail” or “foie gras” or “bird's nest soup” but that is not at all what I would want. The way to approach a last meal depends on why it is a last meal.

Death Sentence (hopefully the least likely)—If my last meal is because I am about to be executed, I think that I would like my mom's pheasant noodle soup. The stuff takes me back to a simpler time of hunting with my dad. I would think that would be desirable right before I get zapped.

Old Age—If I am to have a last meal before dying of old age I would want a huge plate of brown-sugar baked bacon and maple syrup. The plate would be my doctor's nightmare and my final middle finger to the world.

You never know, it could happen...
  • You never know, it could happen...

Accident While Dick Cheney And I Are Quail Hunting—If I was to fall victim to a tragic hunting accident, I would like to have kippered snacks as a last meal. For those who are not familiar with this item, it's canned fish similar to sardines, but smells worse. It's a good outdoor food because it is high in protein almost never goes bad (no matter how long it rolls around the bottom of your backpack). Just don’t eat it indoor. It stinks for weeks and you can never get the smell out of your carpet. Trust me.

Because I Am About To Be Buried Alive Under A Restaurant — If I was going to die in an earthquake , then I would like to be in a good French Restaurant with great duck confit. That is duck that is cooked in its own fat with a ton of garlic and herbs. If you see it on a menu order it. It's usually worth it.

In all, a last meal is situational. I just need to know why it’s my last meal to accurately decide what I want to be served.

Randy King is the Executive Chef at Sysco Food Services of Idaho. He has served as the Executive Chef at several locations in Boise including Richard’s in Hyde Park, Crane Creek Country Club and the Doubletree Riverside Hotel. Randy is a member of the American Culinary Federation and has been awarded the elite status of Certified Executive Chef. He can typically be found behind a stove making a mess ... and something delicious to eat.

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