Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Comcast Versus DIRECTV (I Win)

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Just about a week ago, I dedicated some serious real estate here on Cobweb griping about the fact that my satellite television provider, DIRECTV, was no longer offering the Versus channel (when I first signed up for DIRECTV, they were the only provider offering Versus). Well, in an unexpected but fantastic turn of events, DIRECTV and Comcast have reached an agreement. The story broke yesterday, and today DIRECTV's channel 603 is once again home to a plethora of sporting events covered by Versus.

This is a huge relief to me, as my husband and I were dreading the potential switch in satellite TV providers to ensure our couch-surfing sports-watching satisfaction. However, we are staring down the barrel of spring cycling season, and more important, the Tour de France in July. I'm not sure whether hubby's half-dozen grumbly phone calls to DIRECTV over the past three months made a difference, but I like to think everyone who made noise had a part in this positive outcome.

As they say in cycling parlance, the squeaky chain gets the grease.

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