Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Need Something to Do Tuesday?

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It's an oft-made observation that having a dog is pretty much like having a child. The same time and effort goes into their welfare, their "training," and their poo (though a bonus of children is their eventually taking up the mantle of poo duty on their own). People even discuss their dogs in the collective sense—as in "we're" going for a walk in Camelsback today—and will whip out the wallet photos like a quick draw duel at 10 paces.

But perhaps the way in which dogs are most like children, is how quickly dog owners will scoff at show dogs on TV, harumphing that old catchphrase, "my dog could have done that, " as quickly as they would in reference to their children when visiting a modern art gallery. People genuinely believe, like they do with their children, that their dog is the best, the cutest, the most talented, that Lassie was a hoax perpetrated by two midgets in a suit, but that their 14-year-old Welsh corgie actually could save a dozen trapped coal miners and still make it home in time to fetch the evening paper.


But is your dog really all that and a bag of kibble? Or is it the lovable comic relief, with ice cream dribbling down its chin? And "personality."

So today, why not find out? Put your mongrel where your mouth is and check out the Idaho Capitol Kennel Club's meeting and agility training at 7 p.m.

The ICCKC meets every fourth Tuesday of the month at the Idaho Fish and Game Department, 600 S. Walnut, in Boise, to run drills and training on confirmation, discipline and agility to get dogs show ready, and have some fun in the process. It's open to all, and like Fight Club, you get to decide your own level of involvement. Show up every time and become that PTA tyrant everyone hates, or be the chaperone that spikes the punch at prom. Just don't show up with a turtle. Despite their enviable self-sufficiency, even on their best days, they can't jump through a hoop to save their life. And if they can't do that, then little Timmy at the bottom of the well doesn't stand a chance.

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