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Deja Vidiot: Yahoo'ing in Deutsch

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The corporate headquarters of the parent to the company I now work for are located in Germany, and the computer systems we have in my office piggyback off of their Internet provider. So when I type to check my personal email over lunch, I'm not taken to the Web site I've grown so accustomed to since signing up for their free service more than a decade ago. Instead, I now see screens like this:

Will someone please tell me whats going on in this picture?
  • Will someone please tell me what's going on in this picture (preferably in English)?

Now, I admit, there are times when I treat such a front-page story as a sort of informal version of Quip It! (one of my favorites), a game perfectly suited for creative types (like myself). It asks participants to create headlines or captions from random images, to name depicted quasi-superheros or to create dialog for obscure American movies re-dubbed in foreign languages. So, after logging out of my email on any given day, I often find myself asking, "What in the hell is going on in this picture?" or "What could this article possibly be about?"

But today's image and accompanying headline threw me for a bigger loop than usual. It looks to me like Jeremy Renner—star of Oscar darling The Hurt Locker—is engaged in a gang fight with a Backstreet Boy who is dressed up like a leprechaun. And maybe Darius Rucker is trying to kiss him, but I could be wrong.

I never bother to translate the articles—because as it turns out, I have better things to do with my work hours than investigate German stories that may or may not actually be newsworthy—but given my confusion over today's entry, I was compelled to seek some assistance from Google Translate. Here, then, is the English translation:

Wrangling for Menowin

Menowin Frohlich has an invitation for the Oliver-Pocher show adopted. That it was 250,000 euros.

Huh? I realize that direct translations rarely make sense, but c'mon now. Seriously. What are these guys talking about?

"Ich vermute, Sie gewinnen diese Runde der Quip It!," Deutsche Yahoo!

Or, thanks again to Google Translate: "I guess you win this round of Quip It!, German Yahoo!"

But I'll be back again tomorrow, so don't get cocky.

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