Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Need Something to Do Tuesday?

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It's certainly not humanity's finest quality, but we find entertainment in others failures. We watch blooper reels, out-takes and American Idol rejects. We read The Fail Blog and love the Darwin Awards. We heckle amateur standup comics, knowing full well that we could do no better in their position.

And though we could make a big thing out of it, swear we're different or vow to change—both lies—why not accept it as an intrinsic part of our nature and try to channel that urge?

Well, tonight, around 8 p.m. at Mack and Charlie's, you can do exactly that with Red Bull Barmaster, where Red Bull takes starry-eyed college students with no training or experience, pumps them full of anxiety-inducing stimulants, and—on the hope of winning fabulous prizes—thrusts them into high-stress bartending jobs to fail for your amusement (which is probably a better high-stress job choice than making them airline traffic controllers). "Wait, wait, wait ... a volcano? In F#$%ing Iceland?"

The drinks will be cheep, the shuffle board will be shuffly and if there isn't a formerly bright-eyed history major huddled with a bottle of house whiskey in the corner rocking back and forth with their knees clutched to their chest by 11 p.m., then I'll be a monkey's uncle. But you know, for Halloween.

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