Tuesday, May 4, 2010

From the congested e-mail inbox of the A&E editor: Lolene, "Rich (Fake It Til You Make It)"

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British dance club diva Lolene is preparing for the August release of her debut album, Electrick Hotel. While not exactly a concept album, Electrick Hotel contains 15 tracks that are supposed to symbolize a different room in the hotel and a "different part of Lolene's personality."

In the first single off of the album, "Rich (Fake It Til I Make It)," Lolene sings of luxury dreams, Dom Perignon, designer jeans, Tiffany and a Bugati ride.

Hey Hollywood, I hear you calling my name / I walk like I'm rich / I talk like I'm rich / I spend like I'm rich but I ain't got no money

I think like I'm rich / I drink like I'm rich / I act like I'm rich / Hey, hey, Hollywood / Fake it til I make it, fake it til I make it, fake it til I make it

It sounds to me like little Lolene is trying to impress people and is headed for some pretty serious credit card debt but, if you're interested in what else she has to say about faking it, you can download the song here.

"Rich" is kind of a boring jam, but at least she's not inviting "Sexy People" to party with her in her disco vagina again.

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