Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Need Something to Do Wednesday?

Posted By on Wed, May 19, 2010 at 10:11 AM

Humpday. The ol' calendar camel. Halfway done, or halfway left. Wednesday is a statement of philosophy on par with I drink think therefore I am. Your outlook on the week shapes your manner of attacking it. Do you charge boldly towards Friday and the promise of the weekend, trudge forward slowly as if Thursday is a special penance dreamed up for you by Zeus or do you leave shards of fingernail in Tuesday's hide as you are drug kicking and screaming towards the unapologetic chaos and dreaded decadence that dwells beyond your cubicle walls.

It's generally a good idea to have a good handle on your Wednesday philosophy. But even more today, as this isn't just any ol' week we're "stuck in the middle" of, to use the Stealer's Wheel; it's BOISE BIKE WEEK. (The caps mean it's super-neato!)

That means you're fast running out of time to partake in all the fun that comes with putting the fun between your legs. And in large groups of strangers no less.

There are two great offerings tonight.

First is The Recumbent Rally, starting 6 p.m. at the bandshell at Julia Davis park and riding out to Lucky Peak Dam and back again, reclining like total gangstas the whole time.

Or, at 7 p.m., you can put on a black armband and go to Camelsback Park for The Ride of Silence, in order to remember all the cyclists who've been injured or killed by motorists. Complete route is here.

There's only a couple more days of this thing left before it's gone baby gone for another 365. And if you've seen BW's video report on the opening night, you'll know it's not something you want to miss. So pedal on my wayward son. Or daughter. In the modern age, and especially on Wednesdays, it's your choice.

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