Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Morels, yes. Yogi, no.

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I was bear hunting in the woods this weekend. Yes, bear hunting. Don’t be shocked. We are in Idaho.

Anyway, while I was my friend Ryan and I were hiking, we came upon a wonderful spring treasure: Morels.

Now some might wonder why this little phallic fungus is so coveted, but I don’t. I know why people love them. It is my opinion that morels are coveted as much for the work and fun that goes into finding them as the actual flavor. To enjoy morels, a person has to be tenacious—or lucky.

Aha! Spotted 'em!
  • Aha! Spotted 'em!

We were the latter. Ryan literally stumbled over our treasure. He was one footstep away from annihilating a third of our find. With careful observation, you can pick them out of the sticks and mud. They hide in holes, they blend in like little pine cones and they are the color of dirt—built-in camouflage. All of this makes spotting the little devils almost impossible. While I do have a trained eye for morels I was looking for Yogi, not mushrooms.

I feel as though I am blessed to have come upon those mushrooms. I sure as heck know that I did not work for them. While hard work typically pays off in the end, I must say that luck tastes a heck of a lot better. The flavor of those mushrooms was divine. They were earthy and savory, with an almost tripe-like texture. I wish I would have washed them a little better because they had a little grit left in them from the hillside, but I am always careful washing the little buggers because they can get soggy and lose a lot of texture.

I did not get a bear. But hell, I might go bear hunting again if I can find more morels.

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