Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Need Something to Do Tuesday?

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Politics are a bit like magic, though not in the sense that it requires supernatural powers to accomplish anything. What I mean is that the audience is so focused on the glamour, the glitz, the show, that it generally fails to notice the substance of events, what the proverbial right hand is up to. And while this also sounds somewhat insidious, as if the primary task of elected officials is to keep us distracted so strings can be pulled behind the scenes, it isn't. It's just that the bulk of matters of public concern don't involve anything remotely as cinematic as impending nuclear annihilation, so the audience doesn't focus on them. While across the country, people are all manner of riled about incremental moves in national policies that will affect them to the tune of pennies, local issues that effect them far more are routinely ignored because they aren't as effective theater, and the players aren't as dreamy/villainous/comedic. It's more of a failing of the audience to remain alert than it is a Machiavellian manipulation.

So today, why not go to a City Council meeting?

Tonight, among other things, they'll be discussing sewer easements, land for expansion of I-84, the reappointment of Harvey Neef to the Parks and Rec Commission and the retirement of Pepsi, a police dog. Will loads of it be boring? Sure. But that's usually the really important stuff. So if at any time you find yourself getting a bit bored, just close your eyes, imagine Pepsi riding in a squad car next to Mel Gibson and barking that he's geting too old for this sh$#, have a little chuckle, and then get your head back in the game. There are sewer easements on the table here that could effect your number twos for years to come. And that's an issue too important to ignore.

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