Friday, June 18, 2010

Every President From Nixon to Obama Agrees on Energy Policy

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Though the prevailing hope is that the continuing oil spill in the gulf will be the impetus for change that the energy policy needs—the environmental 9/11 or Pearl Harbor—the ever-growing scope of the disaster has given the right cause to criticize President Obama as too inexperienced and ineffective to accomplish those changes, though that's pretty much what they said before he was elected as well. Mayhaps they're onto something, mayhaps they're just holding their line. But after watching Jon Stewart lay out in the clip below, how the last eight presidents have all tried and failed to do the same thing Obama is pushing for, you have to wonder who actually has the clout and know-how to dig America and the world out of the pit we've found ourselves in with energy.

Of course, there's always the possibility that it's not them dropping the ball, that it's actually us who have either fought change for shortsighted reasons, or allowed ourselves to grow so comfortable that we haven't fought hard enough for for it. But hey, that would be crazy, right? Right?

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