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It's bad enough that I have not blogged in almost one week. But what's worse is that I cannot ever seem to prepare to be away from the BW office. I cannot get caught up, and since I will be out of town for most of next week it's only going to get worse.

Next week I'll be in Toronto for our annual association conference. Boise Weekly is a member of the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies, soon to perhaps have a new name and/or membership criteria changes. I serve on AAN's board as an at-large member and both possible changes are on the table for discussion next week in Toronto.

Editor Rachael Daigle will be joining me for the fun and will have lots to talk about with fellow editors regarding her editor's note in the current issue. After writing in the most recent edition that among any newspaper's highest priorities should be a separation of advertising and editorial in a "church and state" sort of way, AAN reposted Rachael's comments on its website. AAN was way ahead of BW in realizing a need to address the issue. At next week's conference, a moderator from the Weekly Dig in Boston will lead a discussion on whether the two departments should work more closely.

And as if we are not busy enough already, Rachael and I will return with more ideas, more enthusiasm, but, as always, also more work. I fear my son is correct when he said, "Mommy, if you did not have us"— meaning he and his sister—"then all you would do is work, eat, sleep and poop."

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